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Albert Einstein - Essay Example

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First and Last name Professor Course name and number 05 June 2011 Master of science-Albert Einstein Since the existence of mankind, the thirst for knowledge has always been the path to a better life and it all started from a stone wheel to today’s tubeless tires…
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Albert Einstein
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Download file to see previous pages This man is considered as the father of Science for the extensive research done by him in this field. An insight into his life would enlighten any human mind. Albert Einstein was born on the 14th of March 1879 to Hermann Einstein (Father), an Engineer and salesman and Pauline Einstein (mother) who was also well educated (Peter D 1-3). He was born at Ulm in Wurttemberg, Germany and after six weeks the family moved to Munich. He began his schooling at Catholic elementary school from the age of five and later at the age of eight he went to Luitpold Gymnasium for his primary and secondary schooling education for seven years and Einstein was a good student As Einstein grew up he developed interest for science and began brooding over the theories behind every mechanism. He was inquisitive to learn and would do anything to understand a theory. During his course of learning, his family faced financial crisis due to a loss in the business but Einstein continued his studies at Luitpold Gymnasium for some time. Later he wrote his first scientific work "The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields"(“Einstein symposium 2005”). He finished his secondary schooling in Switzerland. ...
Later Einstein struggle finding a job for himself and has finally done that as an Assistant examiner at the Federal office for intellectual property. His job at his work place influenced him to form a group with his friends and colleagues at Bern, who when met, discussed about science. He presented many papers of his work and “The Principle of Relativity”, “Sidelights of Relativity”, “Space and time in pre-relativity physics”, “Relativity Field” and “Quanta” are a few to name and on the 30th of April 1905 he received his doctor’s degree. One of his famous works was the “Theory of Relativity” in which he proved that energy contained in a particle of matter is equal to the mass of that matter multiplied by the speed of the light. This actually proved that energy is actually concentrated in a particle. This theory put forward by Einstein has earned him worldwide acclaim. “Who could have guessed that an article by an unknown patent clerk, appearing in the German scientific journal, Annalen der physik, volume 17, in the year 1905, would turn the of science topsy-turvy?”(William 26) .This was simply put into an equation E = mc2 and this is also called mass-energy equation. After these events, he had his recognition and held several positions like lecturer, professor and director at several Universities like University of Bern, Humboldt University of Bern etc. Einstein worked hard in trying to find the relations between “Time and Space” and “Mass and Energy”. His efforts finally paid and he was awarded the “Nobel Prize in physics” in 1921("Albert Einstein - Biography") for his photo-electric effect. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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