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Effective Practices for Teaching Children to Read - Research Paper Example

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The " Effective Practices for Teaching Children to Read" paper gives a brief description of how a teacher can teach how to read effectively using the five scientific components, together with other findings from various researchers. Most of the findings have been tested over time…
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Effective Practices for Teaching Children to Read
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Extract of sample "Effective Practices for Teaching Children to Read"

Download file to see previous pages Through proper monitoring, the teacher can tell whether the student is learning the skill and know the action to take in case of otherwise. The paper winds up with a brief conclusion and a list of references from which one can refer to for further reading.

As mentioned earlier, teaching how to read is a process. It is compound and requires special expertise. The main question that the research wants to answer is; what are the effective practices of teaching reading? This is a question that many researchers have been seeking to answer over time. The question is quite interesting because teaching is one of the main drivers or sources of knowledge. In order to assimilate the knowledge, the learner has to read and understand. This can only be achieved if the learner is, first of all, taught how to read.

Effective teaching practice in reading has been defined as the teacher’s comprehensive understanding of why certain practices lead to learning to read and how. Before giving consideration to being caring and sensitive to the student’s abilities, a teacher must have good knowledge of what to teach and how to teach it. Many teachers tend to use fads in their teaching. These are teaching styles or behaviors that develop and become so popular to the extent that their use seems obvious. From the findings, fads only work well with certain children and not every child. It is the role of the teacher to identify which program best suits each child and which one is not effective. The teacher is however cautioned on embracing instructional fads instead of scientific research on the essentials of effective practices to teaching reading (Timothy, William, & William, 2007).

There are a number of components that are considered essential to teaching reading. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) was involved in a review on reading research, and this review has been the basis for many new programs that try to explain the concept of effective reading. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effective Practices for Teaching Children to Read Research Paper.
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