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Proper Planning and Pupil-Teacher Relationships are Fundamental in Good Teaching - Essay Example

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In this paper, good teaching and its values to pupils shall be critically evaluated in the context of a primary school to explain how good teaching influences teacher-students relationships

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Proper Planning and Pupil-Teacher Relationships are Fundamental in Good Teaching
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Extract of sample "Proper Planning and Pupil-Teacher Relationships are Fundamental in Good Teaching"

Download file to see previous pages Good teaching is a practice, it is an act and it is a process that requires utmost diligence, dedication and talent to enable the children understand the complexity of the information being passed by the teacher. It is considered as an act of generosity, a craft that grows through continued practice and expose and a risk that individuals in this profession have to take to deliver to the kids. It cannot be considered as a blanket technique or even technical knowledge for it comes from the integrity of the teacher and his/her dedication. A good teacher also develops greater relation with the subjects to enable him/her create a better environment that encourages teaching and the dissemination of knowledge. The chemistry developed between good teachers with his students enables him/her to understand that one approach that may be considered highly effective is highly ineffective on other students. In saying this, alludes to the fact that good education lights fire and keeps every student attentive in one class while it leaves the other class extinguished and bored. It is worth appreciating that the daily interaction between a teacher and a student in class lays the foundation for effective personalized learning environment that allows one on one delivery of knowledge to the students within the different contexts that they are raised in. In this paper, good teaching and its values to pupils shall be critically evaluated in the context of a primary school to explain how good teaching influences teacher-students relationships (Lin, and Gronlund, 2000). The process of curriculum development in line with good teaching practice will also be evaluated in line with how the process of planning and implementing teaching modules can be done (Rust, 2002). Teaching gives a way of creating space to the community to integrate and practice truth in our midst and this stems from the guiding abilities of good teachings. Good teaching should thus seek to provide enough bases upon which a student can use to learn to speak and listen in the community of truth. It thus enables us to understand that truth is not in conclusion as in the process of conversation but that it must be observed in the processes of conversation. Good teaching does not just cover the process of information delivery but also involves the processes of planning, designing and skilfully delivering the learning materials to the students in an environment that allows them to understand. Instincts are also critical in good teaching process for it enables a teacher to instinctively understand the different needs of the pupils and device appropriate delivery methods that suits the special needs (Schwartz & Webb, 2002). A good teaching process must thus begin with an inclusive question to develop a better establishment of the course content and elevate the level of challenge on the pupils. Theories, values, policies and issues on teacher-pupil relationship Good teaching cannot be highlighted without mentioning good teacher pupil relationship in the class set up. The moment of interaction between a child and the teacher provides a great opportunity to develop an interactive positive relationship that shall create basis for good teaching and learning environment. The process of building good positive relationship can adopt a number of methods such as the development of good listening skills when talking to the children, maintaining eye contact with them to enhance the process of confidence building and developing a one-on-one interactive sessions with the pupils (Roblyer, Edwards and Havriluk, 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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