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Short about racism - Essay Example

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The term ‘racism’ refers to discrimination and prejudice that is based on some form of social perceptions that is acquired through biological differences between individuals. Racism often results into some kind of social actions political systems, beliefs and practices that…
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Short essay about racism
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"Short about racism"

Download file to see previous pages In context of history the factor of racism was the major force behind the slave trade. The racial segregation was observed in the nineteenth as well as in the twentieth century in USA and also in South Africa.
Racism can be considered to be a belief through which one individual is considered to be inferior or superior to other. Through this concept moral and social traits of an individual is ignored and more focus is on the biological characteristics of the person. Racism gives birth to hatred towards another individual and is a kind of belief that states that one person is inferior to another in terms of skin color, birth place, language customs or any such kind of factor that highlights the nature of an individual. The concept of racism can be well determined on basis of two elements such as power and prejudice. This is simply because if there is no support in terms of economical or political power then such a prejudice would not be able to survive as a social, cultural or institutional phenomenon. 1The major question for this thesis would be to “state the historical origin of racism and to reflect on the path that is how the concept of racism has changed over time”. The entire discussion would be centered towards these two elements to highlight the basic approach of racism.
The concept of racism had gained its importance way back during the time of African slavery. Throughout the history there have been many individuals who were enslaved though there was no such imposition in context of racial ideology. During the 17th century the scenario in America was completely different before there was any such law that was formulated legitimizing the concept of slavery of Africans. The first major group who the Englishmen treated as slaves were the Irish people, there was some form of hostile relations between the two since the period of time century. Majority of the English people has formulated law in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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