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Modern Americans Families - Essay Example

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Modern Americans Families Name Institution Portfolio and Family Definitions A portfolio can be defined as a collection of a work that demonstrates knowledge, skills, and other important qualities related to a particular course or field of study. Modern families can be simply defined as a composition of a father, mother and well-raised, productive and adjusted children…
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Modern Americans Families
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Download file to see previous pages The parents are now expected to provide for the family requirements in any possible, this to ensure the kinds live comfortable live always. Due to this, parents are entitled to full time job, attending a class at the society college for three nights a week and a part time job. Entertainment expertise has created division among the family members. Computers, TV, and video games have currently replaced quality moment formerly spent at the dinner table. According to the society view, families are now focusing on the acquiring a lot of wealth and being far much ahead from their friends. The net worth of an individual is the definition of success. Social class difference has also been common and ranged according to the cars you possess. Children’s clothing and toys, where you live and where you schooled. Comparing the two different views, the society view the wealth as everything and the last thing the need to acquire in order to live a comfortable live; most expensive schools, clothes and many high class products. While in my view, families should work hard to be able to provide for itself at least school comfortably. The society does is not interested in children well being and social life. The guardians are all the time working leaving no or less time to spend with the family. Americans view material possession as way to categorize families where rich ones settle in certain places distinct from the unsuccessful. The few similarities are they all expect successful children in their future. Comfortable lives are also common in the two. Ecological theory It is back 10 years ago when the young girl came across most the challenges in her life. They lived in one of most popular slums where live was struggling to live. The girl’s family lived in extreme poverty where to have a meal twice a day was a miracle from God. The population in the slum was numerous thousands of people lived there most under same condition as hers. Therefore getting assist from well-wishers was among the limited ideas. The slum inhabitants were from different ethnic groups. The girl schooled in one of school located in the slum. The school infrastructure was poor since the government paid little attention to address the challenges facing the school and its environment. The well-wishers from other different regions some assisted by providing food and other essential materials. She was lucky as her parents were later employed in one of companies and that gave her a chance to continue with her education although the job was not well paying. They managed to educate her and at least upgrade their lives. Macro system simply explains the culture within which individuals live. It evolves over certain time, since each succeeding generation may adjust the macro system, thus leading to their growth in distinctive macro system. Micro system is groups and intuitions that most instantly and directly affect the child’s developing. The group and institutions include; schools, family, peers, neighborhood and religious institutions. The situation in the slum brought up her as a very strong individual who was ready to face any challenge. Due to too many ethnic groups with different cultures her able to run a lot and absorbed some of them. The situation also influenced her to put more effort in her studies to ensure she improved her life and others. The university that studies goals that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modern Americans Families Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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