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Reproductive Rights and Welfare as Issues Facing American Families - Essay Example

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The paper "Reproductive Rights and Welfare as Issues Facing American Families" discusses the social welfare in the United States. An author of the study claims that the American families face numerous socially driven challenges in their everyday life…
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Reproductive Rights and Welfare as Issues Facing American Families
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Extract of sample "Reproductive Rights and Welfare as Issues Facing American Families"

Download file to see previous pages Families with low income and poor people are fated to live by scrambling for existence since in addition to their miserable finances they are not appropriately supported by the US social service that spends many funds for the unsound provision of the middle class’s people instead of the poor. In this regard, parents are to earn money in two and more works, while their children spend their days in the streets being offhand and absorbing all possible effects of such a life.
Altmeyer in his work “Social welfare in the United States” argues the state of social welfare in the United States from the perspective of its different components functioning. Analyzing its efficiencies, the author touches questions of government programs, social education, private efforts, public awareness, and unemployment assurance as direct contributors to the level of social welfare, underlining the role of social security programs for maintaining of Americans’ prosperity.
Badore (2012), “The reproductive rights movement: 1914-Present”, represents different phases of the reproductive rights movement including such ones as birth control, eugenics in the past and the modern ones of sterilization and abortion. The author makes an emphasis on the consideration of the pro-life and the pro-choice movements in their opposition.
Githens (2014) in the “Mercy killing," "reproductive rights" and other ill-conceived liberal phrases” claims that there is no necessity to fight for women’s reproductive rights since today females are so liberal in their choice of every possible aspect of childbearing. At the same time, the author insists that abortion is not a method for birth regulation.
Hogue (2014), “If the GOP wins the Senate, expect a total assault on reproductive rights”, depicts the state of the opposition of the pro-choice Democrats and anti-choice s, representing concerns of advocates of abortion rights ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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