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The author of the article "History of African American and European American Families" states that during and after the industrial revolution which took place in the United States and Europe, the family organization also changed with it, this was due to the move which was experienced by the economy…
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History of African American and European American Families
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These families were ruled by the father where they control women, men mainly called the puritan fathers were the representatives of their families in the political and social affairs of the community. Additionally, they had the legal right to choose a spouse for their children. Then the puritan family was self-sufficient economically since they were large where all the members of the family contributed to the surfaces needed for production.
The United States is also known as the diversity nation, the African American people who also form a large percentage of the American population went through for stages in their Americas. These were, the slavery that lasted from colonial times until the end of the civil war most of these people mainly lived in the south, during their slavery, the nuclear family was common. However, slavery interrupted their organization since they had to freedom to do what they wanted. Slave parents also had no rights with regard to their children. Slave owners treated men and women the same way where any work could have been allocated to either, through peaceful means African Americans fought for their equity which they latter got after a hard struggle.  Read More
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