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American Indian - Research Paper Example

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Author’s Name Feb 14th 2013 American Indian is a term that describes indigenous people in an area where they lived for many years but later came to be conquered by other people. American Indians lived in their land, forming tribes, hunting for their livelihood and generally prospered…
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American Indian
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"American Indian"

Download file to see previous pages The American Indians lived in solitude for many years until the coming of the Europeans, who later discovered America, making things less peaceful. Indians experienced forceful eviction from their land leading to war and a lot of bloodshed. The Indians had different views of the Europeans and knew they would use different techniques to attack them, including use of military force (Nichols 3). There are Indians who supported the white men, while others refused completely to surrender even when they were subjected to harsh conditions. The Indian Revolution Act, implemented in 1830, made several tribes migrate to the Western side of the country. With the revolt against the British and formation of US, the idea of civilization was conceived, and the American Indians were prepared for assimilation into United States citizens. It was integral to have a manifested destiny, as that would favour the nationalist movements that were present. Family Structure of the American Indians The family structure of the Indians was formed in such a way that it had to be obscure that an extended family existed. An extended family that lived together in one house were enumerated as subfamily members, and all the members were related to the holder of the house. An extended family that resided in several homesteads ensured they were at a close proximity to one another. However, the families were recognised as a single entity with independent households. Both the parents and grandparents resided in a dwelling place that was mobile, and they ensured they were near the children or grandchildren. The cultural conceptions of the Indians recognised an Indian grandmother as the aunt of a child as well as the grandaunt. Extended families were responsible for the formation of kinship networks, formed based on clan memberships and not necessarily by birth, marriage or adoption. Traditional Native families retained their Indian ways and had no influence from the urban ways of life (Lamanna and Riedman 67). The Indian families relate more to people outside immediate family in a supportive way, and this is evident in the Sioux Families; where family involvement begins in the early stages of life as parents get selected for new born babies. The families strengths are seen in the helping systems present in the community at large, and they have spiritual courage that they obtain from their religion. The Indian families also have respect for one another and this is a basis they use for their later learning. American Indian Culture American Indians enjoyed freedom and contentment in their land, before corruption and other vices brought conflicts to the community (Porter 93). American Indian culture gave rise to many familiar symbols that depict struggle and triumphs, making many modern life aspects adopt them. Tepee and Peace Pipe are some of the symbols the natives used in their culture, as a tapestry of the American Native life. Everything from plants, animals, housing, to climate conditions defined the Indian culture, with their animals being referred to as spirits; despite the fact that they hunted and killed them. The Indians’ clothes were made of animal skins, and the meat was greatly revered thus it never went to waste. There was a belief that spirits lived, and were present among all the Indian tribes. American Indians participated in agricultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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