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From the paper "Battle of Little Bighorn" it is clear that the American images show General Cluster as the last man standing this is a clear indication that the Americans won the battle. However, the Lakota images depict the Indians as the victors, and they show many dead soldiers…
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Battle of Little Bighorn
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The images in the pictures and recently in movies are a clear depiction that art is a strong conveyer of what happened in history. Ultimately, the images from the pictures and recent movies have come to shape history, in that; although, the American soldiers lost during the battle to the Lakota Indians their defeat ironically was a win as it strengthened America’s nation-building (Calloway, 2012).
The changing images show who was either the victim or the victor of the “battle of the little bighorn” between the Lakota Indians and the American Soldiers at different times. Through the interpretations; the image, “Custer’s Last Stand” the Indians are depicted as victors, the image of “they died with their boots on” depicts the American Soldiers as the victims. On the other hand, in “little big man”, it can be interpreted that the victors are Clusters and the American soldiers; in the image “Lakotas Fighting Custer’s Command”, the Indians are the victors while in the image of “Custer’s Dead Cavalry” depicts how the American Soldiers were defeated (Calloway, 2012).
The Americans and the Indians have portrayed the battle in different forms. The American images depict the Americans as the victors while the Lakota images depict the Indians as the Victors.  Read More
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(Battle of Little Bighorn Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Battle of Little Bighorn Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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