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Culture and Me - Essay Example

Cultural values identify a set of decisions in regard to what is acceptable and unacceptable in a given community or country. Cultural values learnt affect the behavior of individuals in a given social group. Different cultural groups have different values (Kohls and Knight 5). Culture is a set of values, and different cultures displays values diversity. The most common value in different cultures is the family, which gives individuals a sense of belonging, identity, and security. Religion is a value that identifies culture. Morality and dignity are values that guide people to do what is acceptable in a society, and they form part of the culture. Responsibility and accountability form cultural values which encourage individuals to work hard and account for acceptable behaviors in the society. Other values like patriotism, equality, and justice make up culture. Without values, culture cannot exist, as values shape up culture and give it meaning. A culture not founded on values will fail and suffer from immorality and social friction (Kohls and Knight 16). Cultural goals refer to the main objectives people strive to achieve in a given society and the accepted means of attaining those objectives. Culture is a set of goals, and members of the society should conform to social norms. The members should strive to achieve the set goals. The cultural goals include individual growth and emotional and economical perception. The culture needs to set goals that promote a common belief and enforces actions

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Culture throughout history has dictated beliefs, behaviors, and other characteristics familiar to the associates of a particular community. A person’s culture includes many societal aspects such as language, customs, values, rules, and technologies. Differences in culture mean diverse cultures having various values in which they believe in.
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Culture and Me
Because of the diversity which is inherent in human population, cultures may often conflict when persons from diverse backgrounds interact (Herrenkohl 13). In spite of this, it is imperative to know that culture is dynamic; it continuously changes as people adopt more liberal lifestyles.
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Bless Me Ultima:
Poem 1: Hope Never Ends Restless nights went by As I stared up at the black sky. I lay down in the open grass My only home, alas! Bodies walked past Some slow, some fast. No one paid attention To any of my tension. It was only winter nights And agonizing plights.
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God-Centered Identity in a Me-Centered Culture
With the inception of the universe, God obligated all individuals to have strong convictions in his fulfillment of his promises. Such uncertainties among other humans have led to the disintegration of Christianity to other belief dominations especially with the increasing uprising movement of the atheists.
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Cross-Cultural Management - Looking Into Intercultural Teams
This is followed by a discussion of some facets for cross-cultural adjustment for managing multi-cultural teams, coaching for repatriation, building teams in international contexts, predeparture expatriation training programmes, sponsorship programmes and social activities, and building high-performing global teams.
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Generally, culture explains the functions and values of a society as well as daily proceedings of a group or individual’s lives. This paper will seek to explore the meaning of
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About me
The following day, I embarked on a fact finding mission and was much taken aback to discover that I identified with the program in several ways; a program that seemed relevant elsewhere
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American me
People are allowed to become citizens of different states and residents of different counties that exist in the United States. The governments of the different states are given power by its people during elections to run the states for a number of years. America is
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An in-depth, self-assessment portrays that I belong to the Hispanic Mexican cultural group because I was born and brought up in this demographic; thus, cultural practices in Monterrey determine my origin.
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For instance, during the beginning months of a pregnancy, a woman is not supposed to do heavy work or have sexual contact with the husband lest she miscarries. Pregnancy is considered a hot condition and the expectant mother must consume cold
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and decisions for the welfare of the community. The cultures’ goal is to develop adaption means – for example, providing resources – that enable the society to interact with the environment. The society’s capability to make decisions and set future goals fulfills the cultural goals attainment. Social objectives and political oriented resolutions form a part of cultural goals. Cultural goals promote unity among members of the society by ensuring values and norms are fair and consistent. The cultural goal advocates for an educational system to pass on belief system and values to coming generations (Kohls and Knight 29). Structural functionalism refers to a sociological theory that explains society as a complex system with parts working together to improve stability and solidarity. The theory focuses on the relationships between social institutions making up a society and their impact on the society’s functions. Structural functionalism is comprised of cohesive groups or institutions sharing the same norms and a definitive culture. The theory advocates that the positive and negative aspects balance in a society (Kohls and Knight 23). Canada has two main cultures, European and American, and two languages, English and French. Time orientation varies in Canada and Saudi Arabia. In Canada, people are monochromic in that they tend to complete one task at a time and observe punctuality. They have time schedules such as time for playing and for working. There are timetables and times for picking buses and doing other things. In Saudi Arabia, people are polychromic and flexible about schedules. Socializing and attending to relationships are a priority to them. They work and socialize at the same time, and do many things at once. There are no timetables, and people just walk and wait for buses in designated areas in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, official meetings start with socializing while it is not so in Canada where meeting


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Culture and me Culture refers to a set of learnt and shared characteristics that rule and identify a given group of people in a society. These characteristics include values, beliefs, norms, rules, customs, and codes that bind different individuals in the social group together…
Culture and Me
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