Drug and Alcohol Treatment - History and Structure - Research Paper Example

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The essay "Drug and Alcohol Treatment - History and Structure" analyzes the history of alcohol and other drug treatments which is considered the clear-cut story of progressoralism, negligence, and cruelty, which were overthrown, by scientific learning, medical development, and morality…
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Drug and Alcohol Treatment - History and Structure
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the American culture views addicts as unethical yet ill, blameworthy yet innocent, driven by will yet determined. As opposed to this, medical science explains drug problems, as “addiction is a disease like hypertension or diabetes”. We can conclude that addicts are vague and complex individuals for professionals who treat them.This cultural dilemma is depicted throughout the drug treatment history in America. Cultural norms restrict the probable solutions to a plight, and as they are slow to evolve in traditional ways so the imperative problem repeatedly occurs and is largely unsolved. The wide variety of possible remedies to a predicament will be chronically explored by new generations in the hope to gain more insight and find more efficient techniques of interference. History reveals that treatment even encompassed exhortation, compulsion, religious teachings, drugs that are more miraculous, communal help, and dictatorial professional help.The history of treatment in the United States reflects this cultural dilemma. Cultures limit the range of possible responses to a problem, and because they tend to change very slowly in fundamental ways, to the extent that an important problem recurs or remains unsolved, the range of possible responses will be explored repeatedly as new generations search for fresh insights and effective methods of intervention. Treatment has embraced exhortation and coercion, sermons and miracle drugs, democratic mutual aid, and autocratic professional prerogative simultaneously. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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