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How Have Issues of Race and Empire Been Interlinked in British Social History and Politics - Essay Example

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Sociology Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts (27 04, 2012) Outline 1. Introduction 2. How have issues of race and empire been interlinked in British social history and politics. 3. Conclusion How have issues of race and empire been interlinked in British social history and politics…
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How Have Issues of Race and Empire Been Interlinked in British Social History and Politics
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Extract of sample "How Have Issues of Race and Empire Been Interlinked in British Social History and Politics"

Download file to see previous pages One of the ideologies and attitudes that British Empire has spread is racism. Issues of racism have been closely intertwined with the social and political systems in Britain. This Essay will discuss how issues of race and empire have been interlinked in British social history and politics. The discussion will highlight capitalism and imperialism. 2. How have issues of race and empire been interlinked in British social history and politics. Racism is the belief of a particular race that they are superior to other races. A racist believes that they are superior and that they have the right to rule over the minority. The racist discriminate against the other races that are viewed as the minority. Racists dominate in many areas as the minorities remain unrepresented. Williams (1994, p. 154) points out the racism supports capitalist ideologies. Capitalism encouraged free trade and capital gain. The British Empire used racism to enhance their philosophy. Slave trade and slavery enabled the British to accumulate wealth. The wealth created was owned by a few people who owned the means of production. The workers who were of the race considered inferior were poor. A large gap between the upper social class and low social class emerged. The upper social class controlled wealth and had political power. ...
The Anglo-Saxons whose majority were warriors were considered invaders; hence they were deemed to be of low social status. Consequently, women who were native British origin were forbidden from marrying a man from a low social class than them. The British Empire is believed to have coined ideas concerning free trade, capitalism, enforced labor, criminalization of the poor, strict hierarchies and created social classes. The ideologies enabled people to create wealth while others remained poor. The empire colonized Africans after the assumption that no one owned the land and that the people in the land were uncivilized. British argued that it was going to bring civilization by setting up the infrastructure as Rich (1990, p. 76) discusses. Another argument was that the uncivilized societies were not effectively utilizing the land they inhabited. Colonization brought significant benefits to the Empire among them political fame and glorification of their name. Slave trade was prominent and led to creation of trade centers. As a result, capitalism developed with a clear divide of social classes. Racism and class differentiation brought British political power (Hughes 2011, p. 1). Creation of social classes caused inequalities in political power, social power, and wealth distribution living condition, life expectancy and employment. Richards (2009, p. 23) notes that the upper social class were dominated by the British natives who were educated, professionals, owned industries and firms, successful in business and held political positions. People in the social class were mainly industrial and farm workers, who were poor and lacked education. The social classes reflect in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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