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When looking into the educational history of Britain, it is possible to acknowledge the fact that the interaction between the social policies and the visage of the empires and nation states was dynamic during the late imperial period. For this reason, there is a possibility of…
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Race and education
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Download file to see previous pages er hand, there are a number of things for identification in the discovery of some of the impacts of British imperialism on the educational systems of the region, as well as the impact of the education systems on its colonies and dominions.
A puzzling discovery of the education system in Britain is the fact that there is a considerable absence of a broad historiography on the school curriculum in Britain during the late imperial period. This possibility considers the concerns of the British experiences prior to the year 1945, given that there is a strong emphasis on the presence of cultural assimilation as well as migration into the country. This emphasis is evident in some of the writings on the history of Europe from the early imperial period to the mid-twentieth century. However, a historical consideration of childhood education is achievable through looking into the education systems in the colonial settings, which provides some assistance in the questioning of the pedagogy as well as issues concerning imperialism. On the other hand, there are considerations that the British public schools were responsible for training some of the future imperialists during this period since a number of the students in the Victorian public schools later served as official in the government and in the British Empire.
When looking at the education systems present during the imperial period, questions do not only arise on issues concerning power or imperialism, but there are questions that arise on the influence the schools curricula had on the negative influence of race. The main characteristic of the schools in Britain, whether it was amongst the poor population or the heathen in some of its colonies was the creation of an ordered environment (Barber, 1994 138). The perception at the time was that schools were avenues for creating an orderly and educable child, despite the fact that they might have been experiencing some form of disorder in their homes. The quest that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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