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How did the British Empire Understand and Try to Combat Violent Nationalism - Literature review Example

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This review discusses the role of the British Empire to combat violent nationalism. An analysis into the success of the British Empire in dealing with this most annoying problem has interest to all colonizing powers. The review considers atypical intensity for that reason on the East Coast of Africa…
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How did the British Empire Understand and Try to Combat Violent Nationalism
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Extract of sample "How did the British Empire Understand and Try to Combat Violent Nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages It is a trusteeship under what Lord Lugard has strikingly called a "dual mandate" in colonial government (Williams, Gwyn A., 1980). For it entails not only a compulsion to develop the territory in the interests of a world economy but the fortification of the native inhabitants from the too atrocious impact of contact with extremely geared industrial civilizations.
An analysis into the success of the British Empire in dealing with this most annoying problem has astonishing interest to all colonizing powers. The consideration of the world has been focused on atypical intensity for that reason on the East Coast of Africa, now almost completely British, either through direct control or under League Mandate. There the white settlement, from which West Africa has been secured by its climate, is probably in the high uplands of Kenya, in parts of Tanganyika and Nyasaland, and perhaps on down to the Union of South Africa, on the island peaks of high plateau country such as an increase as one goes south through the Rhodesias. Over the entire area, Cecil Rhodes' dream of a white African empire for England is being fought out between the Colonial Office's policy of constraint and the stubborn nationalism of the Union of South Africa. 
it settlements of the Rhodesias and of Kenya, though the latter is still sparingly settled protectorates or crown colonies, in the case of Kenya without accountable government. The shibboleth that divides men about native policy in Africa is the "dominant" interest of the natives (D. C. Dorward, 1986, pp. 399-459).
The concern of this African struggle and of the other troubles of an empire can only be astutely foreseen after a study of each discretely, focusing attention first on the British Commonwealth of equivalent nations and weighing centrifugal and centripetal pulls from race, religion, class, chronological ties, and economic interests.
British foreign policy compounded and compromised into an incorporated system out of the pull of these various interests, with other centers of economic and political gravitation pulling at its component members from both North and South America, and Europe (Philip Foster, 1965). Nor can one overlook that Russia is potentially threatening to the structure of that capitalist world economy in which the City in London shares with New York the ruling position. As long as capitalist nations evade war the threat is slight (G. O. Olusanya, 1973). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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