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What does it mean to speak of a United Kingdom Is there such a thing as British nationalism - Essay Example

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According to the British nationality Act 1948, the Citizen of United Kingdom and British Colonies should share the same national identity and citizenship.These countries share similar economy, political and legal systems; therefore, they shall share the same nationality (British Nationality)…
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What does it mean to speak of a United Kingdom Is there such a thing as British nationalism
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"What does it mean to speak of a United Kingdom Is there such a thing as British nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages In the contemporary period, United Kingdom is an example of the same idea, different countries including Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales united themselves on cultural and national grounds under a sovereign state, that is, the United Kingdom (Bowden 2007). United Kingdom is a symbol of a cultural union, whereas British nationalism is being discriminated among Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English on the basis of their national ideologies. After the nineteenth century, the concept of liberalism democracy overwhelmed nationalism. The ambiguity among these four countries under British nationalism is a major controversial issue that has been debated over period (Aughey, 2001). This paper briefs about United Kingdom and British Nationality. It further argues British Nationality with its relation to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales’s nationalist views. United Kingdom is a combination of four countries sharing similar language, culture, and legal system. It is located in the northwest of the European continent, also known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It comprises of regions of the northeastern part of Ireland, Island of Britain and other small islands. It mainly consists of four countries, that is, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (Nairm 2010). ...
People belonging to the region share similar cultures, values and legal systems. The term United Kingdom is often used as a synonym for Great Britain, geographically England. United Kingdom is a sovereign state that includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, sharing British ethnicity, with respect to Ireland it has been controversial (Nairm 2010). These four countries share economical, political and cultural integrity on national grounds. These countries share political concordance on under the constitutional monarchy, headed by Queen Elizabeth II (McEwen 2012). While speaking of United Kingdom, It comes to our understanding that four independent countries unite themselves under a sovereign state to protect their national interests; therefore they shall share British Nationalism (Jenkin 2012). The transformation of democratic trends has created discrimination among these countries with respect to their national ideology. British Nationalism asserts a sense of unity among the nations and promotes their cultural unity. It defines that the ‘Britishness’ includes people from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland share similar cultural identity and are declared as British descendants (Jenkin 2012). The concept of British nationalism aims to closely associate and strength political links between British Isles (McEwen 2012). British nationalism is the political movement that was established after World War II, it aims to protect British Empire that has been suppressed during 1960s and 1970s (Bowden 2007). The main emphasis of the British nationalism is to protect and strength political interests that were suppressed in the past (McEwen 2012). British nationalism is influenced by historical experiences, the dark events ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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