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Asylum and Immigration - Coursework Example

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The current coursework highlights that in today's world, most of the neo-liberal states found around the world have increased the security and border control laws. This has made it hard for a large number to live legally. These types of development follow predictable pathways. …
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Asylum and Immigration
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Extract of sample "Asylum and Immigration"

Download file to see previous pages The control of the border, mainly in its connection with the techniques of criminal justice, has recast citizenship as a governance form. Increased intervention and scrutiny are subjected to non-citizens and citizens should prove their eligibility constantly. These developments are mainly directed to the minority groups and blacks who are perceived as suspects when searching suspected terrorists, workers who are undocumented and asylum seekers.
In the current years, there has been panic about crime, immigration, over assimilation and Britishness (Kate, 2015). Years of research have shown how ethnic minority and black men are subject to policing practices that are intrusive that explicitly and implicitly refers to them as undeserving, not belonging, and potentially dangerous. Those people with the United Kingdom citizenship, no matter their legal status, do not have the same protection and right as other Britons. Those who have been detained are vulnerable, symbolically and legally denied identification as subjects by their incarceration.
One of the ten removal immigration centers is IRC Yarl. These centers hold 3000 men and women under the immigration act power (Stephanie, 2015). Other immigrants may also be found in the police lockups and the prison post-sentence. The immigrant's detainees are not serving prison sentence hence knowing the period of detention is not easy. Yarls Wood is currently run by Serco and was opened in the year 2001 (Harmit, 2015). It is a custodial environment that is secured, and it is situated in Clapham.
Women are grouped into pairs in the Yarls Wood. These small rooms that women are grouped into pairs include a separate toilet and shower area.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Asylum and Immigration Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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