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Findings: The Maintaining Of Safe and Secure Borders - Essay Example

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An essay "Findings: The Maintaining Of Safe and Secure Borders" claims that the number of applications rose from4,000 in 1988 to more than twice that many by 1989 and in 1990, 26, 205 applications were processed and in 1991 another 44, 840 applications were processed. …
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Findings: The Maintaining Of Safe and Secure Borders
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Download file to see previous pages Other changes were occurring in Europe, placing more pressure on the UK to formalize its asylum and refugee policies and practices. The EU was steadfastly gravitating toward a single market which inevitably meant the opening of borders and the borders to the East were opened while the Yugoslavian war began. The UK had no choice in the circumstances but to make refugees and asylum seekers a priority in terms of policies and practices. At this stage, Great Britain was obviously concerned about securing its borders and protecting it from the current trend toward increasing numbers of asylum and refugee seekers. (Schuster, 2003, 131) It, therefore, co, therefore, surprise that the UK first bill reflected a policy designed to reduce the numbers of asylum seekers entering its borders and the 1992 Bill before the House of Commons expressed this agenda. In addition to attempting to indorse a policy aimed at reducing the number of asylum applications, the Bill also reflected a policy aimed at reducing the time these applicants spent within the UK by devising a scheme by which some applications would be characterized as inadmissible and rejected. The resulting legislation was the Asylum and Immigration Appeals Act 1993 followed by the Asylum and Immigration Appeals Act 1996. The latest legislation provision denied specific classes of asylum and refugee applicants the right to social assistance such as social security and legal aid. This provision can be viewed as reflective of a policy aimed at discouraging applicants for asylum refugee status in the UK, or at the very least a policy aimed at removing an incentive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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