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Breastfeeding and its Effect on Bonding between Mother and Infant Abstract Using a qualitative descriptive approach, this research examined the responses and narratives of breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mothers. The findings implied that the more a mother breastfed, the stronger the bonding got between the mother and the child…
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, this can also be understood in this way: those mothers who breastfeed their babies enjoy a more intensive emotional bonding with their children, as compared to those mothers who opt not to breastfeed. Breastfeeding not only benefits the mother and the child in terms of health, but also makes them share such a special association that lasts for lifetime. Babies tend to be more close to their breastfeeding mothers; they are more emotionally dependent on them when they grow older; and, they are healthier and confident. The independent variable (IV) in this research was breastfeeding; while, the dependent variable (DV) was mother-child bonding. Literature Review Strathearn et al. (2009) conducted a research on Australian mothers, and found that breastfeeding helped eliminate child abuse and avoidance, and resulted in such maternal bonding that removed the risk of neglect. Misri and Kendrick (2008) asserted that breastfeeding strengthened maternal bonding and impacted the child's social, psychological, behavioral, and cognitive development. Martins and Giugliani (2012) suggest that the more time a mother spends with her child feeding him, the more the child feels secure and gets attached to her. There is an interesting article by Rosin (2009) that states that breastfeeding has very few health benefits, and is just an instrument to keep the woman “down” (p.1). Similarly, Antoinette (2010) studied whether breastfeeding was better in developing bonding with kids or bottle-feeding, and found that the more a mother fed a child, the more she got attached to him, and the way of feeding had nothing to do with it. However, there is very less literature that denies the importance of breastfeeding. Gubbels et al. (2011) studied the physical benefits of breastfeeding, and found that breastfeeding affected eating style and weight of the babies. The babies also showed healthier eating habits later on in life. Merjonen et al. (2011) also found in their research that breastfeeding had many psychological impacts upon the cognitive development of the child. Oddi ei al. (2010) found that longer duration in breastfeeding was a predictor of elimination of mental health risks in children. Kim et al. (2011) found that breastfeeding results in infant boding due to certain brain activations, and invokes empathy with mother during early postpartum. Figueiredo et al. (2009) stated in their research that breastfeeding was an important factor of mother-involvement with the infant, among many other factors as touching and caressing the child. Research Design This was a qualitative research in which the participants were surveyed through questionnaires which contained open-ended and closed-ended questions. Two personal interviews were also carried out with two child specialists. The qualitative findings from the survey helped make a comparison between the two groups of mothers, in order to determine the nature of relationship between mothers and their children. Methodology Participants The population of interest was two groups of mothers, one who breastfed their babies in previous years and were still breastfeeding, and the other who did not breastfeed at all. Total number of participants was 515, out of whom 2 gave personal interviews, and 513 participated in the survey. These 513 formed two groups. The breastfeeding group contained 260 mothers; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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