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Running head: RESEARCH CRITICAL APPRAISAL Research Critical Appraisal (course) (Professor) Research Critical Appraisal The research subject of this critical appraisal is a study by Tenfelde, S., Finnegan, L., and Hill, P. entitled, ‘Predictors of breastfeeding exclusivity in a WIC sample’ which is very much relevant to the nursing practice as it discusses possible causes for exclusive breastfeeding practices among low income women…
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Research Critical Appraisal
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the Special Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children is a program which is in place in the Chicago area and evaluating its possible applicability to the greater population may be a future possibility. Before such possibility can be reached, an evaluation of its current applications must first be carried out in order to improve patient outcomes as well as maternal and child care services. In evaluating the study’s frame of reference, the authors considered the components of the Interaction Model of Client Health Behavior (IMCHB). This is a client-focused framework meant to adapt to individuals and their unique qualities; it is also meant to improve client and professional interactions in relation to health behaviors. It is meant to guide professional interventions and adjust them based on individual qualities. In this case, the authors appropriately used this framework in order to evaluate patient behavior. The indicator considered was the breastfeeding exclusivity with client’s individual qualities revolving around background and relevant variables. These variables considered demographic qualities, social influence, patient history, and current resources. The interpersonal qualities included frame of reference for infant-feeding intention (motivation); benefits of breastfeeding and its related elements (cognitive); and mood (affective) (Tenfelde,, 2011, p. 179). These frames of reference served to defined the aspects to be reviewed in the course of this study. They were utilized by the authors as guidelines in framing the problem and placing it in its proper context of analysis. This same framework was utilized from the beginning to the end of the research where recommendations for future research and practice were suggested. The research purpose was clearly and unambiguously worded by the authors. The authors were able to indicate their purpose in terms of the issue to be addressed, the population to be covered, the setting upon which the study shall be carried out, and the elements which would be evaluated in the study. The aim of the study was clearly understandable upon initial reading and the authors specified the related variables which would be included in their study. These variables appropriately applied to the purpose of the study and they were meant to assist the authors in meeting the purposes of this research. Variables like demographic qualities, social influence, previous health experience, and current health and environmental resources were variables which were used to establish predicting variables for breastfeeding women belonging to the low income group (Tenfelde,, 2011, p. 179). Other more personal and individual variables which revolve around motivation, cognitive appraisal, and affective responses also served as variables which were used to assist the authors in evaluating the compliance of women with the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (Tenfelde,, 2011, p. 180). The authors specified how these variables would ultimately assist in meeting the research purpose. The population to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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