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Master of Midwifery - The Family in Contemporary Society - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses Midwives which play an integral role in providing maternity care and childbirth services and in facilitating expecting mothers to make the shift to motherhood.  Freestanding birth centers aim to provide maternity services in order to improve the health of the community…
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Master of Midwifery - The Family in Contemporary Society
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Download file to see previous pages The strongest bond that midwives have is with the women. Midwives are taught to respect the personal values of the women, their bodies and their minds. On the same hand, midwives are expected to give regard to the feelings of motherhood that the women are feeling and to combine their beliefs, attitudes and professional conduct in getting to know the women, and understanding what she values. The ideology behind midwifery helps to bridge the communication gap between the midwife and the woman and enables them to feel more empowered and in control of the situation.
Given the role of midwives in helping women in delivering the baby, midwifery aims to provide a family-centered approach. As a result, the expectant father is also directly affected by midwifery. It was not long ago when babies were born in delivery rooms where mothers were put under pain-relief medicines and fathers were not allowed to enter the delivery room during childbirth. Cultural and religious values and perceptions of childbirth practices rampant in cultures affect the birthing process and help account for the a priori of ideas of birthing. For example, in Cuba, most fathers have no role in the birthing process. The extent of the participation of the father relies greatly on the educational level of the wife and adaptation into the US culture. In such Cuban families, the presence of the wife’s mother is more important and underplays the role of the father; in fact, the mother directs all activity, making even the role of her delivering daughter more passive. In Roma families, husbands also have limited participation in the process of childbirth due to modesty about birth events (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2007). The involvement of the father in childbirth can be a gateway for more involvement of men in being full partners in the raising of their children. There are many organizations that are promoting this ideology. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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