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Is Third World Immigration a Threat to America's Way of Life - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Institute Course Date Is Third World Immigration a Threat to America's Way of Life? Introduction America has been a beacon of hope for many people from all corners of the world for centuries. Third World Immigrants are people seeking to escape oppressive and violent political climate in their home countries…
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Is Third World Immigration a Threat to Americas Way of Life
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Download file to see previous pages It comes as a surprise to many then that they would deny 21st century immigrants the same benefits their 18th and 19th century ancestors enjoyed. This paper will examine the effect the third world immigrants have on America’s way of life. Analysis of the immigration issue is based on three sociological perspectives. At the functional perspective of having immigrants allowed into the country, factors such as reduced labor costs and lower consumer prices are clearly observed. The issue of immigration is marred with feelings of ethnocentrism with European descendants seeking to protect their “American culture”. This is driven by the fact that many of the immigrants are not willing to assimilate to the American way of life instead they hang onto their own culture. The paper will also look at anti-migration perspective that has many people against third world immigrants coming to America. Issue like increased pressure on welfare and the education system are leading concerns for people against opening up the American borders. The problem According to Finsterbusch, America receives both legal and illegal immigrants every year. Many of these immigrants are from third world countries including Mexico, Korea, the Caribbean and the Philippines. The number of European immigrants has reduced over the years to less than 10 percent (p.40). The immigration act of 1965 placed all immigrants at equal footing. The act made it easier for immigrants to come into the country particularly those that already had a residing family member (Finsterbusch 41). Immigrants come into the country for various reasons ranging from fleeing terrorism and tyranny to joining relatives already settled in the US. Immigrants consider America as the land of affluence in a world full of poverty. Here, they are able to earn four times what they would in their home countries (Finsterbusch 41). However, the question on everyone’s mind is what will the immigrants do to the country or for the country? In recent past, congress passed the immigration act with regulations and barriers to migration and free travel. Anyone wishing to come into the US, proper documentation is necessary. This however is a problem for many of the immigrants that are poverty-stricken and their resources do not allow them to seek legal entry hence denied entrance. Matthew Gutmann observes that the immigration policy bases its case on xenophobic confusion on matters regarding mobility of labor, the state of American welfare, economics and cultural diversity (p. 422). Immigration and labor Functionalist perspective in sociology observes that the society comprises of different parts (Kendall 287). The society is the sum of these parts and each part functions to stabilize the society. The different parts are primary institutions of the society who aim to fulfill societal needs. They also influence the shape and form of the society. Each part depends on the other part and cannot function without the other (Kendall 287). Americans who are against opening up borders argue that free immigration would destroy the ability of working class Americans to earn a living. Opening up borders to all immigrants would rob hardworking Americans their jobs. However, what Americas truly fear is that someone else will be willing to work at the same jobs for less and still be equally or more productive. Thomas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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