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Globalisation and Communitarian Systems of Citizenship - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Cosmopolitan and Communitarian systems of Citizenship Cosmopolitanism and Communitarians offer distinct accounts on rights, democracy, and citizenship by reflecting different views of morality and politics. To start, with cosmopolitanism is wide and simply refers to liberalism on a global scale (Modood, 2010:119)…
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Globalisation and Communitarian Systems of Citizenship
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Download file to see previous pages Cosmopolitan focuses on the scope and location of political institutions, and how they promote the human rights and their welfare. Cosmopolitans are suspicious of national sovereignty since its rights to membership to a particular state are institutional and need government intervention. Cosmopolitans vary in wary for democracy, because though democracy embodies the notion of equality on human rights, its procedures are not always countable and upheld. Contrary, communitarians believe that universal human rights are exerted only on a limited claim of attention (Torres, 2010:8). Though we can invoke this on extreme situations like famine or genocide, humans always remain basic. Their daily comfort is derived from their locality and the specific culture. The principles of rights and justice vary within the different communities but they all appeal to the universal core shared across all the societies. Communitariansm is beyond maximal morality possessed by the members of a given society. The contrast between cosmopolitan and communitarian brings out the analysis of human rights foundation and their international implementation. Human rights are universal as suggested by cosmopolitan scholars (Turner, 1993:23). However, the communitarian criticizes the liberal justice as the cone between community of strangers within a limited scope of statehood and recognition. Cosmopolitan succeeds in providing coherent critique of compatriot favoritism and provides a stronger defense of the moral foundations of the human rights. The universal extension of moral obligations is justified whereas the claim for global institutions reforms falls on weaker premises. Cosmopolitan and communitarian have been a dividing line in the field of theory. Cosmopolitan arguments era based on beset of domination under an unswerving universalism and is said to be washed between the human plurality and diversity (Steveson, 201:68). On the other hand, Communitarianism is consumed under the contradiction of parochialism that is after reducing community and ethics to the local sphere alone. The legal declaration of human rights made around 1948 is a broad recognition of human rights in international treaties that provide strong justification on assumptions that are subject to the international law. Cosmopolitan rights are positive universal rights that might be weaker but enforceable in a stronger sense and exercise of sovereignty in a particular state (Faulks, 2000:74). Anarchism (the defense of an individual who is subject and non-coercive) is becoming common on the social-relations at the local and global levels. Anarchism brings many key debates in the contemporary theories of fundamental conceptual antagonism. The problem has its origin from the communitarian who propound that generations are bound by local social norms. For communitarians, the international arena is dominated by states but each performs very different from the other. Subordinate actors are however availed to co-ordinate interstate activity. For the cosmopolitans, the international arena is a public sphere and governs the interest of all its members (Engin, 1999:134). The cosmopolitans look at the globe like a state with strong set of institutions. They look forward for faster reforms on the compositions of United Nations Security Council and the power of veto for its permanent members. It also looks forward for restrictions on international intervention arising ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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