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Main Issues of Contention in The Cosmopolitan/Communitarian Debate - Essay Example

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This paper “Main issues of contention in the cosmopolitan/communitarian debate” seeks to evaluate cosmopolitan and communitarian debate about human rights, which has created new waves in the world politics. Cosmopolitans argue for the universal principles of justice…
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Main Issues of Contention in The Cosmopolitan/Communitarian Debate
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Extract of sample "Main Issues of Contention in The Cosmopolitan/Communitarian Debate"

Download file to see previous pages For example, Christians believe in single wife system whereas Muslims can have more than one wife. Cosmopolitan and communitarian debate about human rights has created new waves in the world politics. Cosmopolitans argue for the universal principles of justice which can be applied everywhere without any bias with respect to region, religion, culture, economy or politics whereas communitarians are against the standardization of principles on a global basis. They believe that the principles of justice cannot be universal because of the diversity in beliefs, attitudes, and social conditions of different people across the world. Cosmopolitans argue for the standardisation of moral and legal principles also whereas communitarians oppose it. This paper briefly explains the Cosmopolitan and communitarian debate According to Thomas Pogge, cosmopolitanism is based on a liberal conceptualization of human rights, consisting of three elements: individualism, universality and generality (Human Rights and Cosmopolitan Justice, n.d, p.1). Cosmopolitans believe in absolute liberty principles of human being. They argue that the individuality of the human need to be respected. Each human have their own views and opinions and as far as these opinions are not interfering, conflicting or causing damages to others’ opinions, individuality should be accepted as part of human justice. For example, an artist has every right to draw a picture based on his perceptions. Currently world famous Indian artist M.F. Hussain forced to leave India and accept the citizenship of Qatar because of some controversies associated with some of his paintings. Many Hindu radical groups in India argued that Hussain has portrayed Indian culture vulgarly and many of the radical groups started agitations against him. Cosmopolitans will never see any damage in such photographs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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