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The work of Joanne Finkelstein and Susan Goodwin, Community, offered two variations of the concept of community, the provincial and the modern. The former follows the traditional concept of communal living that is based on mutual aid and trust while the former is the consequence of urbanism and industrialization…
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Community and Citizenship
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Download file to see previous pages The latter is mainly about how the elements of capitalism and urban living have transformed the dynamics of the community from the solid communal relationship to a mere arena of exchanges that promote the interests of individuals. The traditional community becomes the more interesting of the two and we can see this as Robyn Ferrel narrated a rural Australian experience. In the narrative, there was the European attempt in establishing settlements and, consequently, in building new communities in an unchartered land. Such experience is characterized by several elements that are fundamental in several other discourses such as in understanding utopia, democracy and citizenship. From both of the pieces, Community and Pinjarra 1970, one finds that communities evolve. It does not follow, however, that when change occurs, the very concept of community is threatened to be eliminated. There is the lesson of history to remind us of the significance of the past and the traditions that holds society together. Topic 2: Communitarian Identity In reading Mark Reinhardt and Seyla Banhabib’s works, it is easy to understand how communitarian identity is seen as the ideological opposition to the liberal identity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community and Citizenship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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