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Aims and Objectives of a Typical NDC Project.
New Deal for Communities (NDC) is a chief programme in the strategy of the government of England in tackling different deprivations in the deprived neighbourhoods, in the nation…
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Aims and Objectives of a Typical NDC Project
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Download file to see previous pages New Deal for Communities (NDC) is a chief programme in the strategy of the government of England in tackling different deprivations in the deprived neighbourhoods, in the nation. The program focused giving some of the poorest communities resources, which assisted them in tackling their problems in a co-ordinated and intensive way (Cullingworth & Nardin, 2001 Pp 305). The principal aim of the program was to link the gap between the deprived neighbourhoods and other social groups of England. The problems of each NDC neighbourhoods are particular; however, all the NDC partnerships tackle five chief themes. These themes include; poor job prospects, education underachievement, high crime levels, physical environment and housing, and poor health. The NDC partnerships seek to find outcomes that bring real benefit to individuals living in the most deprived neighbourhoods. NDC partnerships were launched in 1998 with the target of transforming the deprived neighbourhoods (Brown, 2001 pp 305). The program originated from the 1998 Comprehensive Spending Review that announced the New Deal for Regeneration. Seventeen partnerships were announced during the 1998 review and were followed by further announcement of 22 partnerships in 1999. The amount of money committed to the 39 partnerships totals to approximately £ 2 billion. The keys to transformations of the neighbourhoods include; improvement of local services, adoption of an evidence-based approach to deliverance of change, and increasing community capacity (Gilchrist, 2007 pp 40). The chief characteristics of NDC include; long term commitment to bringing real change and community involvement. For these programs to achieve success, it is essential for policy makers to stay focused to the challenges and realities, which communities go through in the grassroots level (Henderson, 2001). Overview This paper will concentrate on the aims and objective of the NDC project geared towards fighting joblessness and the level of community participation in the project. In addition, the paper will discuss how the labour project was expected to bring economic prosperity and social cohesion to the deprived communities. Aims and Objective The labour project was initiated with a chief objective of bridging the gap between the affluent, who had job opportunities and the deprived individuals, who did not have any employment opportunities. The project focused on attaining equality in the labour market. This was the principal goal for all the projects carried out in different areas focusing on joblessness. The aims of the labour project differed according to the target group and the problems facing the group. In business development area, the aims were to provide advice, support and financial assistance to deprived individuals desiring to start their own business ((Cullingworth & Nardin, 2001 pp 310). In this category, the target group was individuals without jobs, but preferred doing business in order to become self employed. For areas with high unemployment due to individuals possessing low skills and no local support for jobs, the aims were to offer employment support, business support, employability training and a social enterprise service. In local residential with socially excluded individual without employment, the aims of the labour project were to get local residents in to employment and create permanent jobs. Creation of permanent jobs was to be achieved through self employment and residents services organizations. In areas facing unemployment and having large proportions of youths, the aims of the labour projects were to provide quality job search facility, which could assist the population in searching for jobs. In addition, the project aimed at reducing levels of unemployment in such areas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aims and Objectives of a Typical NDC Project Essay.
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