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Shell Plc and ExxonMobil - Ideal Rivals in Oil Industry - Statistics Project Example

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The paper “Shell Plc and ExxonMobil – Ideal Rivals in Oil Industry” summarizes the strengths of two global business giants. If Shell forges in terms of asset management and has negative borrowing costs, then ExxonMobil has steady and greater stocks and better leverages its operations and finances. …
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Shell Plc and ExxonMobil - Ideal Rivals in Oil Industry
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Extract of sample "Shell Plc and ExxonMobil - Ideal Rivals in Oil Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Royal Dutch Shell Plc and ExxonMobil Corporation are both amongst the largest privately owned oil companies, and both have been formed out of exceptional mergers, Royal Dutch Petroleum with Shell Transport, and Exxon with Mobil (both founded by the Rockefeller family).
The numbers of both these companies are the largest in the ‘oil and petroleum’ industry of their respective countries:
- Colossal revenues worth more than 310 billion in the year ending 2009; 
- Over 80,000 employees;
- Founded in 1870 and merged to form one company in 1999; 
- Has entered into a joint venture with Shell, its indisputable competitor to form Aera Energy.

--- Colossal revenues worth more than 278 billion in the year ending 2009; 
--- Over 100,000 employees; 
--- Founded in 1907; 
--- Has entered into a joint venture with ExxonMobil its indisputable competitor to form Aera Energy.
Both the companies have had their own share of controversies, which of course, come along with their sector of operations; especially with ‘going green’ is the new marketing fundamental.
Both Shell and ExxonMobil belong to the integrated oil and gas industry, which is the most major part of the energy sector of the world. As of this moment, ExxonMobil holds the third position in the industry with a market capitalization of $322,274 million, and Royal Dutch Shell Group holds the 5th position with a market capitalization of £124,361 million.
Based on the price charts, Shell seems to be an unstable company and a poor choice for investors, even for those investors who tend to hold their equity for a long term basis. Even the volume in Shell is quite lower as compared to ExxonMobil’s.
Although this report will primarily be concerned with the analysis of ExxonMobil v/s Shell, the purpose of this report is to also compare a number of significant companies in the UK (headquarters of Shell) and the US (headquarters of ExxonMobil); and whilst doing that the considerable petroleum companies in the UK would be contrasted against Shell and the same would be done for companies based in the US, which will be contrasted against ExxonMobil. The final conclusion would undoubtedly prove which is a better company in terms of profitability (Shell or ExxonMobil), but will also discuss whether the companies in the US are better in terms of financial and operational management as compared to the companies in the UK.
RNOA measures more than just the result of financial decisions, RNOA compares financial decisions along with operating decisions to reach t valid conclusion. In order to avoid receiving biased results, we shall not consider the performance of Heritage Oil due to exceptionally poor performance as compared to its native competitors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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