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Shell Oil Company - Essay Example

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Shell Oil Company is a very popular company based out of the US, the company also sponsors several formula one races and it is one of the leading Oil companies across the world. This paper will throw light upon the activities of the company and the focus will also be on the…
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Shell Oil Company
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Extract of sample "Shell Oil Company"

s 22 September 2009 Shell Oil Company is a very popular company based out of the US, the company also sponsors several formula one races and it is one of the leading Oil companies across the world. This paper will throw light upon the activities of the company and the focus will also be on the structure and the culture of the organization.
As many as 22,000 employees of Shell work in the US and they have the largest Oil unit in the US, their base is also located in the US. “The objectives of the Shell Group are to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in oil, oil products, gas, chemicals and other selected businesses and to participate in the search for and development of other sources of energy to meet evolving customer needs and the world’s growing demand for energy. We believe that oil and gas will be integral to the global energy needs for economic development for many decades to come. Our role is to ensure that we extract and deliver them profitably and in environmentally and socially responsible ways. We seek a high standard of performance, maintaining a strong long-term and growing position in the competitive environments in which we choose to operate.” (Shell Oil Company)
A company by the name Saudi Aramco based out of Saudi Arabia is an active partner of Shell and both these companies have been progressing. Both have seen tremendous development after they became partners. Recent activities of Shell have come under the scanner because it was believed that several birds were losing their life because of the activities of the company but the company has reduced the production of products that affected the living of birds and as an inevitable result of which it is much more environment friendly company.
The company faced another big challenge in the during 1978 and 1995, polybutylene was used by the company to manufacture pipes and the same exploded one day and as a result of which many people were left homeless because of the flood caused by the pipelines. There was a lawsuit filed against the company by the people who got affected by this whole incident and the company had to shell out millions to settle this issue, the company has come a long way since then. The work culture is really good in Shell and all the employees work in harmony with each other. The work is making great progress and it is already one of the largest oil and gas producing companies in the world. “Shell Foundation Director Kurt Hoffman welcomed commitments made earlier today (6 May 2008) in London by multinational companies (MNCs) to fight poverty through their core businesses but says there is much more that could be done.” (Our News)
To conclude it is very fair to say that the organization is growing with each passing day and things are only going to get better for them from here on in.
History of Shell
February 1907 was the year when Shell Oil started operating and came into being, Royal Dutch Petroleum company came a significant role in taking Shell Oil to the heights that the company has achieved. These two companies entered into a partnership and the Dutch Petroleum Company had a share of about 60% and the remaining 40% belonged to Shell Oil. Shell transport and company became a very popular brand of Shell and it has done very good business for Shell. The communication which takes place in this organization is near perfect, the lawsuit filed against the company in the year 1996 defamed the company a little but the company came back strongly and this goes to show that the communication is really good in this organization.
“Shells advertising regarding its renewable energy business has been described as a "greenwash" by some non-governmental organization critics, but praised by other commentators. In August 2008, the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that Shell had misled the public in an advertisement, claiming that a $10 billion oil sands project in Alberta, Canada was a "sustainable energy source". (Bruno)
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Shell Oil Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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