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Culture, Social Class, Gender, and Race in Crash - Essay Example

Cultural identity is an important concept that will be analyzed in this essay. Identity is “the earliest expression of an emotional tie with another person” according to Freud (1921, qt. in Hall & Du Gay 3). Crash portrays the search for and development of cultural and gender identity or identities in films (Everett), the relationship between culture and social relationships and issues of individualism and community (Sefcovic), as well as relationships between high and low culture (Barnett and Allen). Understanding cultural identity entails the identification of cultural contradictions, doubts, and uncertainties that shape the formation and changing of cultural identities (Everett 2005). One of the contradictions that people experience is characterized by their race and gender. Cameron Thayer, and his wife, Christine, experience discrimination when a racist cop, Officer John Ryan, stops and searches them. For John, there is a contradiction between being black and being rich and successful. In order to humiliate Cameron further, John molests his wife by touching her private parts. Christine looks to Cameron to defend her, but Cameron is paralyzed by his fear of authorities. He has doubts about his own masculinity, because of his race. This scene explores gender and racial discrimination, where the white male exhibits power over the females and black people. Dorri also undergoes sexual offense, although in a verbal way, because of how the gun shopkeeper speaks with her. At

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Crash focus on American dream of becoming a multicultural state through interaction of people from different cultures. This essay analyzes the existence of social classes in American society. The essay will analyze racism economic status and professionalism as the main indicators of social classes within American societies.
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Their everyday lives are affected by these social constructs. At the same time, race, class and gender also have meaning on the macro level of community and society. The macro level is known as social structural, while the micro level is known as social psychological (Fiske-Rusciano, 2009).
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The author states that there is stereotyping in the idea that poor people are lazy. However, he proves that poor people have stronger work ethics and substantial motivation than the middle class. Moreover, most poor families have at least one of the parents working, which attests that they are indeed not lazy.

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Nothing has changed to date because racism still exists. Despite the many campaigns held and activist’s foul cry over racism and discrimination, racism is still the order of the day especially in America where people
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the same time, her race is a subject of uncertainty. Her father’s shop has just been attacked because they were seen as Arabs, even when in reality, they are Persians. They see the large difference between being an Arab and being Persian, and yet society treats the Middle East as a homogenous region. These women undergo psychological hardships because of how men perceive them as sexual objects, and how society demarcates and assigns different values to people because of their racial characteristics. The African American youth culture is a sub-culture that the dominant white society feels threatened of. The youth culture, in particular, is gangsta culture, with its repulsion of law and control, as well as parental authority. Peter abandons his mother, while his brother is the police. The youth becomes particularly chaotic when compared with the formalities and orderliness of conventional society. Two young black men, Anthony and Peter, leave a restaurant, and Anthony claims that they have been victimized by racial discrimination. Then, when they see Jean and Rick Cabot, a white couple, walk down the sidewalk, Antony notices that Jean clutches Rick's arm, after seeing them. Anthony believes that they are once again being prejudiced because they are two young black males. Apparently, however, Jean is right, because the two draw handguns and carjack Cabots' black Lincoln Navigator.  


This essay focuses on culture, social class, gender, and race in Crash. Crash, a movie directed by Paul Haggis, underlines discrimination as a constant reality for many people. Their cultural identities are shaped by their social status, which in turn, is a product of their gender, class, and culture…
Author : cedrick43
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Culture, Social Class, Gender, and Race in Crash
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