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How Does the Evolution of Global Capitalism Shape Patterns and Processes of Migration - Essay Example

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Running head: SOCIOLOGY How does the evolution of global capitalism shape patterns and processes of migration? How does migration in turn shape and intersect with the forces at work in the global economy? Insert Name Insert Insert 10 April 2012 Migration and global capitalism The rampant inequalities in different parts of the world have historically given people varied reasons to move from one point to another…
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How Does the Evolution of Global Capitalism Shape Patterns and Processes of Migration
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Extract of sample "How Does the Evolution of Global Capitalism Shape Patterns and Processes of Migration"

Download file to see previous pages There are many factors that contribute to the decision of individuals moving from one place to another and it may include economic, social, and family considerations. Rural to Urban migration occurs when the resources in the rural areas are not enough for everyone and people have to find other means to empower their families economically. For most individuals to succeed in the migrating process, the decision and procedure must be fully supported by the family (Harbison, 1981). Most people will migrate to where they have relatives or other social contacts that will economically advance the individuals once they have migrated. The family provides the structural and emotional support for migration by using their finances and support. Societal norms and practices influence the gender of the people migrating and women have a very different experience if they want to migrate (Chant, 1992). This is because they play a very significant role in the family and the society. The industrial revolution created the impetus to migrate in search of employment. Today, international migration is driven mainly by poverty and rampant unemployment in immigrant’s country of origin caused largely by slow industrialization, population explosions, and the prospects of rewarding employment opportunities in the destination countries (Massey et al., 1994). Because of the economic and social problems created by globalization in third world countries, migration to better economies is a necessity to improve the social standards of the resident families. Most Third World countries governments facilitate migration of their citizens to developed economies because of the economic benefits the migrants contribution has to their countries. When they get employed the immigrants send money to their families for investments which improve the economic situations of the households (Hujo and Piper, 2007) and eventually the remittances stimulate the third world countries economies due to increased Gross National Product (Taylor, 1999).Global capitalism has resulted in increased liberalization of world trade, with increased mobility of goods, capital, and services. Barriers to international movement have also declined sharply probably due to the laxness of migration control powers because of increased globalization and technology. Despite the global markets being directly and indirectly connected to allow ease of movement of migrant workers, the poor migrant worker faces more challenges than the skilled migrant does and this changes the patterns of migration significantly. Various National and International policies are put in place to regulate the movement of people between states and they influence the migrant labor distribution. The highly competitive world economy has created a lucky section of highly skilled migrant who enjoy unregulated movement across states. These workers will predominantly move to highly developed countries and will enjoy very lucrative benefits. These migrant workers have extensive business networks and they enjoy a prestigious social class that makes them transnational citizens. Poor unskilled migrant workers often move to countries that require a lot of cheap labor and they most often have lower salaries than the resident populations. Many unskilled migrant workers are unprotected by resident government employment laws ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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