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Relationships between Race and Social Class Including Immigrants - Essay Example

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Running head: Social Glass: Relationships between Race and Social Class Including Immigrants Social Glass: Relationships between Race and Social Class Including Immigrants Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 20 March 2012 Social Glass: Relationships between Race and Social Class Including Immigrants Introduction Despite America experiencing profound changes and developments in the post-civil rights period, major evidences point to the fact that individuals from the minority ethnic groups as compared to white Americans are below the social class status in terms of income, property ownership, education, and occupation…
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Relationships between Race and Social Class Including Immigrants
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Relationships between Race and Social Class Including Immigrants

Download file to see previous pages... Moreover, when net worth of wealth is compared, it shows that non-white Americans have about an eighth of net worth that white Americans have. These problems are further compounded by issues of systematic social exclusions of non-white Americans in major social and economic aspects of the society. As a result, the non-white Americans end up occupying lower social classes as compared to white Americans (Bonilla-Silva 2). On the other hand, Conley investigates wealth ownership between white Americans and African Americans, where the author notes that, in almost all circumstances, the African Americans as compared to their counterparts, the white Americans, have drastically lower levels of wealth (Conley 5). African Americans are seen to be virtually in all situations when compared to white Americans, to have less income, majority have lower occupational jobs and ranks, many are unemployed, and majority have lower educational levels that do not give them high-ranking jobs (Conley 5). The author identifies contributing factors for these disparities, whereby, many African Americans are discriminated against in their attempt to access social, economic and wealth opportunities, but their white Americans counterparts have an easy access. Moreover, when compared to white Americans, African Americans tend to have no asset base from which they can use to progress and develop. Such situations have been contributed by their poor parents who have no assets at all. Alejandro Portes and Ruben G. Rumbaut, observes that, immigrants, who today constitute a large population and segment of USA population, have numerous problems, both emanating from the American context and from individual’s background and social characteristics (Portes and Rumbaut 15). Most immigrants have low incomes and they are employed in lower ranking jobs. Furthermore, some have little education, which deny them access to better jobs. As a result, majority of families of immigrant families have less household incomes, depend a lot on assistance programs, and are likely to be poor. This tends to affect educational opportunities for children of immigrant families and subsequently, less education is responsible for unemployment, low-ranking jobs, low incomes, and increased cases of poverty (Portes and Rumbaut 15). Hence, many occupy lower social classes as compared to white Americans. Living in America My name is Rosa from Asia. I have lived in this country as an immigrant for about 15 years now. My parents moved to United States of America when I was ten years-old. My country had just plunged into civil unrest and my uncle based in USA had just arranged for our entry into the country. The political situation back at home could not allow us to continue living in the country. Therefore, when we moved in the country, my uncle took us to his place in Houston. It was a nice place: good house, happy family, and jovial neighbors. My uncle has three children and is married to Jane. When we arrived in the country, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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