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Performance Evaluation Paper - Essay Example

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Performance Evaluation Name Institution Performance Evaluation An evaluation of performance is an essential and a beneficial task as it provides a feedback in an annual basis to members of staff concerning the effectiveness of the job. It also acts as a career guide…
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Performance Evaluation Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In the given case, the company signifies flaws as well as strongholds in its appraisal system. For instance, the engineer introduces change ideas that result to significant savings on the manufacturing energy costs as well as eliminating safety hazards that are significant overlooked by previous engineer. As such, he is task oriented and his efforts are what have contributed to the indispensable and beneficial results. The manager bases the task outcomes in terms of his character traits and gives a low rating. The manager also reviews the engineer in terms of his behaviors. The manager is right to give a low rating concerning his Behavior which entails standoffs with his coworkers and has a tendency of not paying a close attention to the manager when being addressed. Also, he has a tendency to disregard the company’s performance appraisal system. He is unfair though, as he does this, putting his personal sentiments onto the issue. Again, based on his character traits, the manager gives a medium rating. The engineer is clumsy and disorganized at his workplace. In a performance appraisal system, a set of criteria, Task outcome, Behaviors and Traits, are the most dominant and commonly used thus signifying their essentiality in a performance evaluation (Richard, 2006). Basing the assessment in terms of the traits, the employees in a company are evaluated putting into consideration, certain traits which include attitude, initiative and appearance among others. Performance evaluation is based on the behavior when there is a difficulty in determining an employee’s task outcome. Furthermore, when the ends tend to be considered as more important than the means to the ends, it necessitates use of task outcome as the appropriate evaluation factor (Richard, 2006). Task outcome, behavior and traits, are of a common relative value to and appropriate for appraisers. They are regarded as the qualitative assessment criteria. Their value is significant when compared to quantitative appraisal methods. As such, quantitative assessment is difficult and yet appraisers need to be creative, takes a long time, non-repetitive and tends to have unpredictable outcomes a thing that usually result in inputs that are multi dimensioned. As such, the three sets of criteria bring forth a common value as they all form the integral part of the appraisal program (Kevin & Jeanette, 2001). Incorporating views other people’s in the process of performance appraisal in an important aspect towards an exemplary performance evaluation system. As such, when an evaluation manager uses such supervisors, he is able to get the best information source on issues of delegation, communication as well as skills in leadership (Kevin & Jeanette, 2001). Use of peers in the evaluation process provides the best position where feedback on skills, which includes working with others, capability in technical matters as well as making decisions. On customers, they are the best source of work quality input and orientation in service (Kevin & Jeanette, 2001). There are shortcomings when participants are involved in the evaluation process. If they are allowed to participate, they might have a temptation to request their affiliates in the company to be the receptionists of the instruments stipulated as feedbacks. Consequently, it tips the scales facilitated by their favor and as such, the participants ensure that comments that are negative in nature are avoided (Stephen & Timothy, 2010). There ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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