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Value-added Model (VAM) of Teaching Evaluations and Its Implications - Research Paper Example

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The issue of value-added model of teaching evaluations has been a heated debate especially on its effects on teachers. However, although the model is intended to improve academic performance of students, concerns have been raised in relation to its effectiveness, and more so, on the accuracy of data used for evaluation…
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Value-added Model (VAM) of Teaching Evaluations and Its Implications
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Extract of sample "Value-added Model (VAM) of Teaching Evaluations and Its Implications"

Download file to see previous pages In not more than a decade, there has been a heated debate about the best value-added model of teaching. However, as much as this debate is vital in the effort to offer quality education, less people have an idea of what it entails. The key players in this discussion are people working in the education sector and who in one way or another tend to benefit or lose from value-added teacher evaluation (Early, Imig & Michelli, 2010). With these deliberations, it would be necessary first to understand what value-added model of teaching evaluations entails. The context of value- added model in teaching evaluations The most and obvious meaning of value-added model of teaching is a method of teacher evaluation that gives an account of teacher’s contribution in terms of evaluating current school year test performances of students to performances of the same students in the previous year (Raudenbush, 2004). This also includes comparison of performances of other students in the same level. Value added model also tends to evaluate each teacher’s performance in comparison with performances of other teachers. Nevertheless, this model has not come without criticism. Opponents of this model argue that the use of tests to measure teachers contribution is not scientific and has not been proved by and scientific study (Raudenbush, 2004). Additionally, they argue that some students results and performances are beyond teacher’s reach since some of the factors that determine students performance include behaviors of the students, and, which they claim most of these behaviors are acquired outside tutoring (Cater, 2004). However, it is paramount to focus on issues other than generalizing notions. For example, it is of considerable importance to articulate on possible likelihood of using VAM. Studies have indicated that use of this model will create accountability to teachers and administrators (Schwab, 1991). They tend to shape their behaviors, and work hard to producing top scores in their subjects. The overall intention of this model is to encourage teachers work extra harder by incorporating different teaching strategies to improve achievement of both the students and the school (Nolan & Hoover, 2010). Value added results may also be helpful to teachers in terms of self improvement and setting target (Lissitz, 2005). It has also been argued that results obtained from value- added can be used at school level to improve on different subjects and group of students depending on the level of weakness or strength (Ballou, Sanders & Wright, 2004). With results of value- added from different schools, an evaluation can be done to come up with the best teaching strategy to be adopted in order to streamline all schools performance. It has also been argued that value-added results can help create projections of the level of school performance, which can be used to determine required resources, decision making and planning (Xiaoxia, Darling-Hammond, Haertel, & Ewart, 2010). In the context of accountability, value-added model is argued to act as an awakening call for schools in order for them to improve on weak areas to avoid sanctions (Lissitz, 2005). The model also ensures that schools that perform well are rewarded in order to keep the fire burning. The tax money paid to run the school is required to be utilized accordingly. Therefore, schools that incorporate value-added ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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