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The author of the paper states that technology has taken an important part in today’s learning and teaching environment and it is important to take into consideration all factors which directly or indirectly influence the usage and acceptance of the technology…
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Factors That Affect the Use of Technology in Teaching/Learning Environments
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Download file to see previous pages In order to carry out the work of organizations and individuals smoothly and quickly, technology taken as a prime source of concern (Legris, Ingham, and Collerette, 2003).  This incorporation of the information system to improve efficiency also has the complexities that make it a risky business. The root cause of this complexity arises at a stage where the technology has to be accepted by the human being in various setting. This addition of behavioral taste to information system requires systems to be developed consideration a large number of factors that are expected to have a direct or indirect impact on human acceptance and usage of technology. For the purpose, different models have been devised highlighting different factors that directly influence the process of technology acceptance and adoption. Some of the models and associated factors are as follow:
Technology Acceptance Model is the pioneer in determining the fact that acceptance of system receives direct influence from the motivation level which in turn is influenced by a large number of factors in the external environment. TAM 1 has highlighted two factors which are:
Perceived usefulness, in general, is defined as the probability in terms of future or prospective user’s ability that using a new technological system or application will enhance user’s ability to perform better or giving optimum results (Davis, Bagozzi, and Warshaw, 1989). Moreover, users are more likely to adopt those technologies from which there is an expectation that it will increase their performances in terms of carrying out work in their walks of life.
Perceived ease of use is another factor that affects the use of technology in teaching and learning environments (Davis, 1989). It deals with the future user’s perception or an expectation that his desired targeted system is likely to be free from efforts and hassles (King and Re, 2006).
It is usually defined as the ability of an individual in order to carry out some work or taking some decision is mainly influenced by others (in general people who are closer to him). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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