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The aim of the paper “Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Process” is to examine the major facets of a comprehensive performance evaluation procedure, which typically encompass setting effective goals for professional advancement, establishing new application fields…
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Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Process
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Download file to see previous pages With this concern, this paper intends to describe a comprehensive performance evaluation process that would result in performance change of the faculty as well as the staff members at a particular educational institution. Discussion Critical Analysis of the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Process After acquiring a brief idea about the procedure of comprehensive performance evaluation, it can be affirmed that it is the teachers and the students belonging to a particular educational institution who are mainly assessed in a comprehensive evaluation procedure within the background of educational settings. According to Verma (2013), it can be observed in this similar concern that there are certain major factors that underline the effectiveness of certain goal settings such as performance-enhancement objectives especially in the field of education. As noted by Verma (2013), the factors comprise assisting the educational instructors or the teachers in their career planning along with professional advancement, supporting those individuals who are involved in making effective decisions concerning the management of teachers and enhancing the quality of the teachers. Furthermore, Verma (2013) also recognized certain other significant factors that largely emphasize the effectiveness of certain goal settings such as performance-enhancement objectives in educational settings. In this regard, as highlighted by Verma (2013), these factors entail identifying proper programs associated with staff development, validating selection procedures of the teachers, evaluating introduced staff advancement programs and creating along with developing a database particularly for educational institutions. On the other hand, it can be argued that there are certain crucial factors that have been apparently observed, affecting the effectiveness of certain goal settings such as performance-enhancement objectives related to education field by a certain extent. In this regard, Beletskiy (2011) identified these factors to comprise deterring the responsibilities that are ought to be performed by both the students and the educational instructors for the students as well as deficiency in the capability towards supporting a favorable initiative and adoption along with execution of ineffective management related techniques. According to Verma (2013), the above discussed crucial factors might be duly considered as the readiness of the educational institutions for change. Beletskiy (2011) argues in this similar concern that the urgency or the keenness towards making effectual changes throughout the educational institutions is essential for such changes to become much effective (Beletskiy, 2011). Thus, it can be affirmed that the identification of the aforesaid factors would eventually ensure moderate growth or change in the performance-improvement objectives of the educational institutions by a considerable level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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