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Organisational Culture At Disneyland - Essay Example

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Disneyland Date if Submission Introduction Disneyland is known through out the world for its well-reputed family entertainment. The main key to its reputation is its high-end entertainment. The reputation is not only built on the high-end entertainment provided by the park but also because of the personal high-end services offered by the staff…
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Organisational Culture At Disneyland
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Download file to see previous pages Why do you think the socialisation processes at work in Disneyland are so effective? The idea denominating the functions in Disneyland is based on four aspects; theming, dedifferentiation of consumption, merchandising and emotional labour (Bryman, 1995). These are taught to all the employees through proper training conducted via a 40 hour apprenticeship programme that all the employees go through after they are hired. Training is considered to be a vital part of tourism now, there are proper courses and qualifications that are to ensure that the graduates are able to demonstrate high management skills and able to add value to the organizations operating in the tourism industry (Dale, Robinson, 2001). The effectiveness of the socialization processes that are at work at the park is highly dependent on these training programmes and the strict rules and regulations that govern them. In the beginning it was not easy, as the park’s staff was hired by lessee and they lacked the training that was required by Walt. And it was observed that only the company trained employees had the necessary skills to entertain the visitors properly. Thus proper training was implemented for all the employees. The major role in socialization is played by the personal services provided by the employees. They treat the visitors not as customers but as guests. The ever smiling attitude of the employees working at Disneyland has become a trademark of modern culture (Bryman, 1995). Their demeanour along with their training regarding the type of language they are to use and their uniforms that are referred to as costumes, convey the message to the visitors that they are having fun too. For example it has been observed that the Mickey and Minnie at the park, once they have spotted prospective observers, pose and entertain their guests without their asking. They are always eager to entertain their guests that increase their enjoyment level (Kuenz, 1995). The employees are trained to treat the visitors as ‘kings’ and always smile no matter how the guest is treating them. All this leads to higher satisfaction on the visitors’ behalf. The theming of the park is designed as to not only entertain the children but the adults as well and it distinguishes the park from other amusement parks. The park does not only accommodate themes, but it incorporates all sorts of shops and restaurants where the guests can buy all kinds of Disney merchandises (Bryman, 1995). According to the feedback from the visitors, the friendliness and helpfulness of the employees is among the many things that they like. How likely is it that the emotional display rules strictly enforced in Disneyland would impact on the wellbeing of employees? Increased competition among service providers has forced organizations to focus more attention on the nature and quality of the services provided. The behaviours of the employees towards their customers reflect on the norms of the organization, thus the management has been forced to control how the employees behave with their customers. The managements’ control over the frequency of emotional display and the variety of the emotions that are to be displayed or not, attentiveness to rules, and emotional dissonance has been observed to lead to greater emotional exhaustion (Morris, Feldman, 1996). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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