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Case Analysis Euro Disney - Essay Example

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The success of the business in the two countries motivated the management to open a branch in France. However, the great expectations for instant success in…
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Case Analysis Euro Disney
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Download file to see previous pages on to the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, the key points of cultural differences between USA and France include the Power Distance Index (PDI, Individualism or collectivism, long-term orientation, uncertainty avoidance index and masculinity (Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions, 2009).
According to Miron (2009), the United States has a lower average PDI score than France. America was normally focused on accumulating more power to gain more global influence while France concentrated on increasing flexibility. The French rejected the American managers to preside over Euro Disneyland with the idea that the French managers have the necessary capability and skills necessary for managing the company. The American managers in Euro Disneyland had become unpopular among the community and French workers because most of them did not make the necessary effort required to learn the local language as well as understanding and embracing the local culture.
Individualism defines the way people value themselves as well as their close relatives. Miron (2009) posits that the rate of individualism is higher in America than in France. Most of the American employees have a tendency of looking after themselves or their immediate family members. The French culture is more collective compared to that of the Americans. The collective culture emphasises on what is best for the group. This is an element of communism that is applied in management and for which most American managers lacked while handling the French employees. For instance, the American managers suggested, “’s hair to be cut above the collar and ears with no beards or moustaches.” (Krishna; 251) This typical appearance and dress code was practised by the American family values. The individuality of the French culture was portrayed by the demonstrations and protests that resulted from the change in the rule. These were meant to preserve the French law, “...prohibits employers from restricting individual and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Analysis Euro Disney Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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