Cultural Diversity and Globalization - Case Study Example

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The writer of the essay suggests that cultural diversity is something which the business world is tackling with over the years. Globalization has made it necessary for business to look into this diversity of traditions and values…
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Cultural Diversity and Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages Hofstede’s cultural dimensions can be used to explain the cultural differences between the two countries. These differences are very important as they are the main cause why Euro Disneyland failed despite its huge name and publicity. The dimensions of culture are very well known in organizational behavior and sociology. They include power distance, collectivism, uncertainty avoidance and masculinity (Kwintessential, 2010).
The first dimension is power distance. It is defined as the extent of belief in the inequality or equality of distribution of power in the society. The countries that have high power distance exhibit acceptance with regards to the inequalities of people. In these countries, people conform to the powerful and follow orders. Countries like China, Mexico and India. In these countries, we can witness disparity in incomes and power.
The countries that have low power distance exhibit equality. In these countries, power is equally distributed in the society. The United States of America, Austria and Norway have low power distance. We can see less disparity of incomes and power in these countries.
France has a relatively high power distance than the United States of America. This means that people of France accept, to a certain extent, inequality of power. For this reason, Euro Disneyland should have special rights for people in France and ‘rules are for all’ strategy is not appropriate for France.
The second dimension is individualism. Countries that have high individualism, people there care about themselves and family only. Low individualistic or collectivist countries have people that care about the extended family and the whole clan. These countries lack personal initiative and people are dependent on family.
The United States of America is a highly individualistic country. Personal values of the people are strong. France is relatively less individualistic and people still care about their families. The degree of individualism is less in France than in the United States of America where people have relatively strong family values. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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