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UK Poverty and the Policy Surrounding It Name Instructor Task Date Introduction In Poverty and Social Work, written by Greg Mantle and Alock Blackworth discusses on of poverty in the England. It traces the history of poverty in the country and ways it has affected individual lives…
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UK Poverty and the Policy Surrounding It
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Download file to see previous pages The content further highlights the conceptual, policy and realistic links among Community-Oriented Social Work (COSW), and poverty (Greg & Dave, 2010, 2380-2397). The core approach that the article emphasizes on is that practitioners should maintain close contact with society. Alock majorly reviews poverty and emphasizes on the causes and possible solutions for it. The book incorporates researches and policies done since 1997 when the England held labour election (Alcock, 2006). The author goes further to include the new material in UK policy development. The information analyzed on poverty in UK, is to incorporate concepts of social exclusion, inclusion, poverty and discrimination. The concepts have relations and bear relevance to social work since they affect poverty. The following information is also discussed; risks of poverty, the current legislation on poverty, the law and policy of both current and historical reference to poverty. Other content analyzed is the three discourses, the development of the welfare state; abject and relative discourse; the social divisions of poverty, gender, age disability; and policy framework surrounding poverty. The British administration has taken a step to eliminate poverty in the country such as child poverty, and social exclusion (From Absolute Poverty to Social Exclusion, 2002, 5-23). The article analyzes the progress that has been commenced by the government and citizens of the country to fight poverty. A brief history of Poverty in the UK The history of poverty in the UK is traced at the time when Elizabeth was the queen of England. For a number of people, perception of life was to work hard to make their lives comfortable. In the 16th century, the numbers of people ascended that extend pressure economically, which further implied that a majority of the population could not meet their needs. The standard of living went high, vagrancy became even worse and this had definite effects for the entire nation especially the children who failed to attend school, and were not featured in the contemporary society (Ridge, 2004, 13). The Elizabethan regime was obliged to tackle this problem and introduced a number of Acts, which recognized the welfare of the poor was now a societal task and responsibility and that everyone had a task to do. In this regard, the poor Laws were continually developing from time to time and made a framework that existed for years. People can only speculate what daily life was for those who were poor and the effect it had to on our villages and cities. There were several factors why poverty increased and during the regime of Elizabeth I, the number of people ascended by one million people. This rise was specifically due to a rise in fertility and a decrease in the death rate and thus meant that the nation’s resources were to be shared by a greater number of citizens. A further inflict of this problem was the rise in prices. In the regime of Henry VIII, he defocused the coinage, which implied that the percentage of silver and gold in the coins was lowered. The Elizabeth’s government took procedures to tackle this by substituting all the defocused coins by new ones thus putting back the nation’s currency to its normal state. This move was taken to solve the crisis of inflation in the initial years of Elizabethan regime. Poverty was later tackled by the introduction of poor laws that tried to reduce the number of poor individuals. The laws ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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UK Poverty and the Policy Surrounding It Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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