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The paper “Sustainable Scottish Urban Property Development” shows the ambiguity of the land reform potency because of the lack of indicators to effectively evaluate its current progress. While community-based natural resource control and local development are believed to become main practice. …
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Sustainable Scottish Urban Property Development
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Download file to see previous pages The Scottish Government has proposed a sustainable urban development strategy for the development of thriving and healthy communities. Such communities should be well planned, well connected and well maintained for making it attractive for inhabitants. The strategy supports an active effort in shaping local services and the local physical and cultural environment. The needs of everyone in the community should be considered and taken into account.
The underlying policy behind the land reform is the community right to buy land in rural Scotland. Communities wishing to exercise the right to buy must have sustainable development as the heart of the community, and plans for the land. According to Pillai (2010), the most econocentric approach has been the focus on sustainable economic growth. Also, the community right to buy has its own sustainable development agenda. A diverse range of community ownership plans has been considered. These include the creation of sports facilities for the preservation of castles, lighthouses, and villages. Several economic, social and environmental objectives have been approved. It is widely held that communities failing to adopt the right approach will not succeed in using the legislation. Three themes have been critically examined in light of the strategy.
Extensive land use rights are an integral attribute of property entitlements and ownership in the UK. Several legal and policy instruments have resulted in incremental reform. According to Rodgers (2009), some of these have been influenced by UK’s accession to the European Community and associated laws such as the European Union environmental law and Common Agricultural Policy. Some changes include the modification in allocation land-based utility in property rights. As land use policy increasingly has an increasing focus on the promotion of environmental stewardship, especially the countryside. General duty of environmental stewardship has become an attribute of land ownership. This includes a consideration of recognition of larger community interests and sustainable management of land.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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