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Public Policy - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Public Policy" it is clear that public policy is an area of serious debates and conflicts in the social, and political spheres of contemporary and the exceedingly diverse patterns of political activity across different issues cannot be met by any single model of the policy process…
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Public Policy
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Download file to see previous pages It can also be comprehended as the course of action or inaction taken by governmental entities in connection with a particular issue or set of issues of a particular society. The public policy issues touch every aspect of the lives of individuals within a society and therefore the adoption of every public policy has a great impact on the progress of the society. In the contemporary society, the concept of public policy denotes the end result of policies which affect the larger framework of the society as well as it refers more broadly to the process of decision-making and investigation of various governmental decisions that result in the general policies of the society. The most common public policy issues include corporate takeovers, minimum wage laws, compulsory unionization, price controls, antitrust laws, occupational licensure, Social Security, antidiscrimination laws, zoning laws, consumer protection laws, environmental laws etc. These are the areas in which governmental intervention is found most important and the public policy adopted on these vital issues affect large scale individuals. Minimum wage laws offer one of the most fundamental areas of research in connection with public policy and the various political, economic and social aspects of the question needs to be clearly understood in order to make an unprejudiced conclusion on the topic. “For the most part, since its inception in 1938, the minimum wage has hovered at around 50 percent of average annual hourly wages for production and non-supervisory workers. Between 1981 and 1989, the minimum wage fell below 40 percent, and it again fell below 40 percent between 1990 and 1996. For some, the failure of the minimum wage to keep pace with inflation is a matter of deliberate government policy aimed at creating a low-wage economy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Public Policy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words)
Public Policy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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Public Policy

...? Public policy al Affiliation Public policy The term public can be defined in many ways, one of which is that something relating to the whole population, or a group of people that share a specific unique characteristic, say a geographical region, for example, a country, county, state etc. Policy can be defined as a course of action set by and followed by the management of individual entities or countries. Public policy can, therefore, be defined as a system of laws, regulations, courses of action, and financing priorities concerning a given topic put in place by a government entity or its appointees, and...
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Public Policy here here here NAPWA’s Public Policy Agenda NAPWA, The National Association of People with Aids is a group dedicated to being the voice of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in America (Lesieur). NAPWA’s importance goes back to its founders “NAPWA was founded in 1983 by individuals with AIDS who were a part of the Patient Advisory Committee of the Second National Aids Forum held in Denver, Colorado” (Calderon) The founders of NAPWA are important because in a time when no one would advocate on their behalf (individuals with HIV/AIDS) they advocated for themselves. Before NAPWA the face of HIV/AIDS was almost always associated with homosexuality and drug users. NAPWA’s presence afforded those with...
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...with citizens is necessary for governments so as to manage the democracy building process effectively. It is also important to meet the expectations of the people who really provide the governments with the governing legitimacy. Unfortunately, most of the countries have not ensured such a social contract and it is one of the major reasons the democratic system is struggling globally. Though today governments worldwide try to promote public participation in policy making, such efforts fail to meet their goals due to lack of dialogue between people (Smith 2003. As scholars point out, dialogue is an integral element of the participative democracy. Over the centuries after the time of Plato, the dialogic...
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Public Policy

...Public Policy Introduction: Media is an important tool that keeps the different structures of the society intact. It is a source of connect between the government and the people. It is rightly being called the fourth pillar of state after the three primary pillars of the state namely the executive, judiciary and legislature. The role of media becomes more important in the modern day with the ever higher level of awareness amongst the citizens. In view of the role of media, the agenda setting, its various kinds,, tools incorporation, generation of mobilization amongst the masses, policy determination, the rules and regulations enactment and the subsequent goals attached with are all...
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Public policy

...Public Policy in Philippine Tourism Introduction To talk about Philippine tourism and the policies imposed upon it by the government and the people means to speak about its rich history. It is an archipelago of thousands of islands, inhabited by many ethnic groups, tribes and people who have experienced colonization from the Spaniards down to the Americans. Because of this historical happening, it has formed and moulded the culture and behaviour of the people. The Philippines is a unique country with a unique history. The people experienced two colonizers and have ingrained in their psychic the so-called colonial mentality. But they are a happy and hospitable people. It is a common...
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Public Policy

...who live in poverty could be raised from that level into success, but in order to do that a number of different factors need to change. Neighborhood regeneration, public transportation, equal school opportunities, and better infrastructure on the whole would all contribute to better opportunities for those who are poor. This is not the problem, however. The problem is that there is a belief that poverty is a state of criminality and does not deserve resources because of its nature. Addressing this issue will begin meaningful change. Public Policy In order to address public policy through changing social policy about the poor, it is...
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Public Policy

...Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy Introduction The Proposition 30 is afinancial plan which is intended at increasing personal income tax rate as well as the state sale tax rate for all tax payers. The revenues which will be generated in this plan are intended at funding public schools and other public safety programs in the country. The plan is as well intended at preventing school cuts in this financial year. The measure is also projected to be effective in balancing the country’s budget. The measure increases temporarily by 9.3% of the state sales rate of tax for all personal...
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Public Policy

...Public Policy al Affiliation Medical Marijuana is also known as cannabis sativa and has a historical use in treating intense pain. It has been used in various regions worldwide to treat patients suffering from intense pain due to the numerous existing diseases. In America, its use has been there from as early as the 18th century, but declined towards the 1930s as a result of other pain relievers that were developed. The control and use of Marijuana had gone out of hand, forcing the federal government through a congress agreement, to develop acts that could minimize its use. This resulted to the enactment of the Marijuana tax act, and later the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 that contained CSA establishing the ban... of 18...
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Public Policy

...that the policy provides. Unhealthy citizens act as a burden to the government. They disturb the government from its main agenda of growth and development for the benefit of all people. Therefore, limiting some freedom by the policy is necessary in this case. The policies that are acceptable are those that have been drafted with the citizens of United States in mind. These are policies that are aimed at making the lives of the citizens much better. However, policies that are unacceptable are those that aim at benefiting just a fraction of the citizens. These are policies that are discriminatory and which go against the spirit of the US...
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Public policy achieved through the redesigning of finance, regulations, and legislations to ensure that individuals in society become more involved in the process (Ayres 2014). Through the development and implementation of institutional reform, the government ends up becoming less active in service delivery and takes on more of a supervisory role, essentially using up less money. The policies of most contemporary governments have been developed through the implementation of institutional reform. This is where there has been the identification of local needs and policies designed to ensure that stakeholders become actively involved in making policies work. The active involvement of the...
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