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As a result, there has been massive population increase due to immigration. The population of the cities in Texas have increased drastically and has overstretched the social services offered by…
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Public Policy - Resources assignment
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Due Public Policy - Resources The of Texas is one of the economically important s in the United s. As a result, there has been massive population increase due to immigration. The population of the cities in Texas have increased drastically and has overstretched the social services offered by the state government. Such services include water and sanitation. According to the University of Texas, the state has not done enough to match the supply of water with increasing population. In fact, the per capita of water supply has dropped by 30 percent since 1980. With an estimated population of 25 million, the state must deliberate on water usage and storage to quench a population that is estimated to reach 46 million by 2060 (Artz 8A).
The magnitude of water problem in Texas was manifested by the 2011 drought. Most of the cities in Texas could not afford to keep the homes taps flowing without a huge expense, for example, in Spicewood Beach, the water ran out completely and the town had to bring in water using trucks. Consequently, the city of Wichita Falls has resorted to conservation by banning unnecessary usage of water. The shortage has also affected agricultural activities such as irrigation in order to divert water to domestic use.
According to water experts, the water problem in Texas can have varied solutions. First, the state can adopt an expansive water conservation agenda in which any unnecessary usage of water is prohibited. The ordinances need to be set in order to deter people from wasting water at the expense of other citizens. Watering of private lawns, refilling of swimming pools and regular car washing should be banned in the state. Conservation of water is an expensive sacrifice that has to be made by the civilians. Although it is inconveniencing, it is the cheapest way of ensuring availability of water for basic needs (Texas Water Development Board).
Second, the state can embark on water storage. Several states in the United States have the projects where water is stored in underground aquifers (ASR). The water in the aquifers can be then used in times of scarcity. The idea of constructing water aquifers is ideal since it reduces water loss through evaporation. An example of how aquifer storage and recovery is beneficial is depicted by the importance of the Twin Oaks aquifer that has the ability to supply 20% of water needs in the city of San Antonio.
Broadening the sources of water is another concept that can be used in Texas. The state government can embark on alternative measures such as recycling wastewater. The concept is currently sued in Wichita Falls where the wastewater is treated and pumped back to the consumers. Desalination generally entails making salty water usable. The measure would involve industrial activity to remove the salts in the water.
The new water development projects in Texas have the aim of reducing water shortage. In this quest, the Texas Water Development Board projects are viable and can greatly minimize the shortage. Already, the state has several aquifers and plans to build more are underway. Thus, the state populace can rely on the state water projects for their future water needs.
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