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Francis Fukuyama has several arguments on the subject of state building most of which are of great relevance to the holistic field of development and politics. In essence, Fukuyama’s arguments are based on the concept that weak states are at a great risk of global stability…
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Download file to see previous pages Among Fukuyama’s strongest arguments is the contention that weak nations are the causes of many of the problems experienced in the world. This is true owing to the fact that many of the issues affecting global order, security and stability stem from weak nations (Fukuyama, 1991). For instance, in the last one decade the United States and the world at large have had to face the plague of terrorism that has originated from weak nations like Afghanistan. Additionally, security issues along with global unrest have been witnessed in Iraq, and most recently the Arab spring in Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria. All these examples are pointers to the strength and relevance of Fukuyama’s arguments that weak nations create problems for the world. Another equally strong argument is the fact that developed or rich nations ought to help weak countries develop for the sake of stability and peace in the world. A perfect example is the US assignment in Iraq and Afghanistan that have been aimed at stabilizing the region. The author has several arguments that are considered weak in the sense that they do not reflect the truth on the ground or are simply out of touch with the real situation. A typical example is the aspect of transferring functioning public institutions to developing countries. This approach has proved to be ineffective in the sense that institutions operating in developed countries may not work properly in weak nations owing to the different nature of the environment.
International organizations along with non-governmental organizations play an instrumental role in the development particularly regarding state building projects. There is no doubt that the role played by these institutions is essential to nation building and their successes have been documented in several countries (Ottaway, 2002). As a result, every nation involves international organizations and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“S5Ws7&8DQs Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1612298-s5ws78dqs.
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