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Classification of one of the African Language Phyla - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the major developments in the classification of one of the African language phyla. This paper illustrates that all of the languages of Africa can be divided into five major language families or phyla…
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Classification of one of the African Language Phyla
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that a Language signifies one’s identity. It gives a sense of unity and bonding to the speakers of one language. Not only is a language a tool for communicating one’s thoughts and ideas, it also enables the other to understand the same. Often, the national language of a region is the best portal of communication and unifying the masses. The importance of language is as good as undefined since nothing is possible without it. Hence the relentless research and developments being done on language and linguistics is appreciable and justified. Each language is different from another; therefore the study of languages is vast and virtually limitless. Language is based on signs and sounds, and it develops when people in a region associate certain sounds and signs to mean something unanimously understood. For personal ease, people may then create certain other symbolic activity relative to the earlier widely understood sign to mean something similar. This way, the parent language is altered and the variations in languages evolve. Even though the variations are adopted from parent language, these may differ to such an extent that they may not be recognizably related to the origin. Regarding language as only a way of communication will, in fact, disregard the numerous benefits and purposes achieved by this. Even though communication remains the core purpose of a language, it also enables one to feel belonged and related to a group or nation. It gives one a sense of unity and purpose....
The healthcare facilities available in the region are inadequate, accounting for obnoxiously high percentages of HIV/AIDS prevalence and deaths due to these fatal medical conditions. Africa is a multicultural and multilingual crux of rich heritages. Africa represents 40 nations and their independent cultures and hence accounts for immense literature libraries and extensive research being continued in this region. Africa’s latitudinal and longitudinal locations on the surface of the earth explain the variety of temperatures and climates existing in different areas of the region. Countries known for extreme high temperatures like Somalia and Sudan fall into the realms of Africa just like moderate climate countries like Egypt and Libya. Africa is also famous for the Saharan desert. Africa is said to be the home for approximately 3000 languages with over 8000 dialects (African Languages). According to another source, the numbers of languages currently thriving and surviving in the region are 2,035, which is not a final figure as additions and subtractions continue to occur in this fact as new languages are identified and the old, depleted ones are eliminated. If this figure is considered as authentic, it will not be wrong to say that Africa is home for one-third of all the world’s languages (Heine and Nurse). For convenience purposes, all of the languages of Africa can be divided into five major language families or phyla: Afro-Asiatic, Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Kordofanian, Khoi-San and Austronesian (African Languages). All of the around 3000 African languages are believed to have stemmed from these five major languages. As the name suggests, based on similarities and differences, these languages are greatly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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