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The Search for Security Encourages the Acceptance of Increased Personal Responsibility - Essay Example

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The search for security encourages the acceptance of increased personal responsibility as much as it highlights the need for protection from others. Discuss the relationship between these two aspects of the process, drawing on evidence from at least two chapters of book 2 and one of the academic journal articles suggested below…
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The Search for Security Encourages the Acceptance of Increased Personal Responsibility
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Extract of sample "The Search for Security Encourages the Acceptance of Increased Personal Responsibility"

Download file to see previous pages Gated communities based on available literature and standard perception are normally perceived as integral part of those factors that lead to social segregation (Manzi and Bowers, 2005). It is a negative perception about gating, resulting to the belief that it increases social division and builds a continuing strong barrier of walls between rich and poor. For the sake of discussion on the relationship between personal responsibility and the need for protection from others on the ground of security, the proponent tries to explore the concept of gating in the analysis. Gated communities defined Gated communities are absolutely most popularly known as walled communities. Integral parts of the gated communities are various residential housing or estate with high level of control of entry to people and vehicles. The reason would be to acquire maximum protection for the residents. As observed, most gated communities are occupied by highly affluent people, which the common impression would be as an ultimate way to separate themselves from the poor. However, a study was conducted trying to prove that this common concept is totally not at all times in line with what actually happens on the actual setting based on the perspective of these affluent people, but the entire point of gating is about achieving more than its common or popular notion (Manzi and Bowers, 2005). ...
l point of urban segregation that remarkably considers geographical distribution, and territorial and social division of cities from middle-class citizen and local public administration perspective (Jewkes, 2008). Gated communities therefore showcases more than the popular notion of social segregation as they would also imply as the upshot of looking forward to secure oneself from crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour, which is the very point of the theory of club good (Manzi and Bowers, 2005). It is a significant part of this theory to emphasise that there is always sharing of benefits and exclusivity of benefits. Thus, gating in this case may not only be confined to residential housing, but it substantially includes places like malls, exclusive facilities and others. Therefore, gated communities which particularly would represent estate with high level of control is an important illustration of an individual’s effort to acquire maximum security and benefits from being secure and at some point, achieving a special space that would allow more exclusive opportunities to enjoy a private space. The common notion of security Security is broadly defined in different ways, cases, situations or contexts. It is commonly understood as something which implies threat of insecurity (Cochrane and Talbot, 2008). This might be widely illustrated by someone acquiring insurance in order to secure his future and for his family. Individuals substantially look forward to a sense of being considered important, loved by others or sense of belongingness. Europe is on the go for environmental sustainability especially for the sake of protecting the environment from adverse impact of global warming, pollution and waste. Every firm in as much as possible would want to gain its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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