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Sociology Questions Question 1A The application of the two arguments depends on the social constructs of the society. However, the most common and more reasonable of the two is the second argument which values the tendency of people to socialize with those who share the same values…
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Assignment: Sociology Questions
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, in sociology, interaction starts with communication. Question 1B Adolescence, aside from being a natural biological stage, is also a stage in the social construction in a way that facts about youth are introduced and interpreted (Saltman 15). In this stage, the youth will come to know the relevance of adolescence in the social context, and concepts (relationships and socialization) concerning this stage are introduced and given meaning. While the youth creates their individual perception on relationships, they tend to create subcultures which represent their views as adolescents. Question 2A The Common Function of Stereotyping, Ethnocentricity, and Deviance in Human Social Behavior Ethnocentrism, Stereotyping and Deviance function as factors influencing the judgment of people. These three concepts influence the attitudes of the people in a way that those are integrated in the people’s behavior as a form of social structure and belief. Ethnocentrism and Stereotyping are closely related as those involve a person’s understanding toward other people. In these two concepts, judgment is either based on one’s own culture or based on previous representation. Additionally, Deviance is an act of non-conformity to the standards of the society. Thus, these three concepts influence human behavior because those are part of the social construct. Question 2B Deviance as an Assertion of Freedom Deviance, an act of breaking social norms, is an expression of freedom in a way that it shows attempts at breaking social control (“Deviance”). For the reason that social norms are deeply rooted in the culture, deviance may be rewarded, punished or accepted. Deviance, as a form of non-conformity, is different from crimes because deviance does not necessarily means hurting other people. Deviance can be an expression of creativity such as those who discovered scientific, philosophical, political, and artistic breakthrough. Additionally, deviance is also one of the causes of social reform. Question 3A The Functionalist and Conflict Theorists’ View on the Effects of Media on Children In Functionalism, each aspect of the society has different roles; they are interdependent and have contributed to the overall success of the society. Mechanical and organic solidarity, forms of social cohesion in Functionalism, determine the success of the society in the context of culture and sociopolitical order. In contrast, Conflict Theory suggests that society favors the strong as they have the greater capability to control. These theories play a vital role in the media, especially in the media’s effects on the value formation of children. In the Functional view, the media empower the children as those make them socially aware. However, in the Conflict Theory, the media tend to be used by the stronger aspects of the society (government, capitalists) which influence the values of children. In the context of social concern, it can be said that Functionalism (encourages social integration) is a positive view while Conflict Theory (emphasizing division and competition) is a negative view (“Three Major Perspectives”). Question 4A The Advantage or Disadvantage of the ‘Parenting Contract' in the Sci-Fi Story of Adamsville The Parenting Contract lists the responsibilities of parents to their children. In this contract, parents are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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