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Core Issues that Society Faces - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Core Issues that Society Faces" states that society faces situations that are bitter and discouraging, films created as a result help shape the future of society. The society is left to make its own decisions after the vices have been highlighted and expressed to reveal the situation…
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Core Issues that Society Faces
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Extract of sample "Core Issues that Society Faces"

Download file to see previous pages Tough Guise It was acted by Jackson Katz, a former footballer and a famous promoter and trainer about gender violence. This is the first film with a target on students as its audience. Masculinity is depicted in various forms like in performance, its role and as a way in social construction. Culture is used to portray the roles masculinity play in society. A comparison of both genders is evident with an emphasis on criticizing feminine role developed thirty years ago. Though he focused on the extremes of masculinity, the relationship between violence and crime with gender in the society was overlooked. The basis of his argument is that masculinity is a public health hazard. He relates the high crime rates to the cultural developments of the past thirty years. Incidences of rape, domestic violence and common occurrences of high school, massacres reveal moral degradation in males. This was after a careful analysis of violent male icons like Rambo and terminator with feminine activists such as Howard Stern, Andrew Dice and the like. The increased male interest in sports, intensive games and violent films are accepted by society. These actions viewed and compared to gains approved to women economically and socially threaten male superiority. Katz criticizes the construction of male behavior in society through the movies to increased violence in American society. Further, he reveals a popular culture that tends to do away with violence instigated by the old mentality of masculinity. Masculinity is now portrayed as a source of dependence with starlings like Christopher Reeve, Garth Brooks and the like. Tough Guise has used a tool in media, mass communication and gender studies to create awareness about violence and campus student services (California Newsreel 1999). The Color of Fear The theme of this film is racism. It is an ancient giant that found its root in society for many years and proved to threaten society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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