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1.Identify and discuss two issues that affect young peoples life chances - Essay Example

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The wise saying goes, ‘Heath is wealth.’ Through the journey of man from the age of horse-driven carts to the age of steam engines and finally to the modern internet civilization, one thing has constantly bothered him—how to maintain heath amidst the pressure of day to day…
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1.Identify and discuss two issues that affect young peoples life chances
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Extract of sample "1.Identify and discuss two issues that affect young peoples life chances"

Download file to see previous pages The process has to start from children and young people. This is an important social responsibility of the government and other non-governmental organizations.
What is it to be a teenager today? In this modern competitive world, one faces many physical and mental health related problems. One wishes to be a free-thinking individual, and demands to act as he wishes, and chooses to follow his own decisions to shape the career. He does not like the parental restrictiveness much. But he ignores some basic facts related to his health and by the time the correct realization dawns on him, sometimes it is too late. He thinks that physical health and the mental health are separate issues. He does not know about the impact of one on the other. Health visitors, who work with the young people, have noticed some other serious problems faced by the younger generation in the present times.
They have noticed, “young people pose problems of moral and social order which invite a controlling response (the heavy hand of the police or social workers); their child-like vulnerability may provoke a protective stance, in which young people are seen to be in need of defending not only from the harms of the adult society, but also from their own potential internal moral chaos.”(Brannen, 1994, p.4)
In the changed circumstances today, there is a constant need for the parents and teenagers to define their responsibilities and move forward. As teenagers are the future leaders of the society in all spheres related to the development of the country, promotion of their health has become a major cultural goal of the governments all over the world. Health care policy has risen to one of the top of political agenda as well.
“That the essence of being a young person is not being but in becoming.”(Brannen, p.1) Family relationships and teenage health and behavior can not be discussed in isolation. They are interrelated. Heath is an inclusive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(1.Identify and discuss two issues that affect young peoples life Essay, n.d.)
1.Identify and discuss two issues that affect young peoples life Essay.
(1.Identify and Discuss Two Issues That Affect Young Peoples Life Essay)
1.Identify and Discuss Two Issues That Affect Young Peoples Life Essay.
“1.Identify and Discuss Two Issues That Affect Young Peoples Life Essay”.
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