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Ethics studies - Essay Example

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David and his wife were of deferent races which was the main reason for her challenged. David Mura was Japanese origin while his wife was a white (American) woman. Mura was a…
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Ethics studies
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Download file to see previous pages These factors could include cultures, him-self or values. The poem written by David brings out an immense debate about the colours of individuals and the marriage between races and the influences that this has on their identities. This paper analyzes the subject of identity and self-hate.
More so, it discusses the popular and the cultural traditional beliefs as to why people tend to get involved in interracial relationships. Marriages between races have been affected by attractiveness, acculturation and propinquity. Several researches have come up with the conclusion that propinquity tent to be the strongest predator in determining whether or not people can engage in interracial marriages. Assimilation and acculturation have been shown to be related to several incidents of interracial relationships in a positive way. It is believed that when it is removed from the demands of the intra-ethnic relationships that are opposed by most communities and families, there is the possibility for the exploration of the interracial relationships with different ethnic and racial backgrounds. These are the main factors for most ethnic and racial groups. In this paper, it discusses the relationships or rather the beliefs that exists behind the interracial marriages/relationships between the “Black community” and the “White” community in the United State since independence (Hearn, 1998).
When talking of interracial relationships, there exist two beliefs that are associated that decision. The beliefs are traditional and popular cultural beliefs. There is a belief that when men from a different colour to that of the women will only marry from a different race if they are in need of escaping from their value, culture and/or themselves. This regards to the traditional beliefs. These beliefs explain that men who marry from a different race or a different ethnic community are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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