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Ethical Issues in Community Work - Research Paper Example

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This research paper highlights that community refers to a group of people sharing a discrete belief, location, activity, interests, as well as other facets that pinpoint their similarities and demonstrate their differences with those who do not share the characteristics…
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Ethical Issues in Community Work
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Extract of sample "Ethical Issues in Community Work"

Download file to see previous pages For a community to meet the needs of its constituents, the relevant stakeholders and the community agencies comprising (non-profit or for-profit, public or private institutions) should provide various psychological and social services to the community (Leadbeater, 2006). This paper shall seek to explain the ethical issues that promote the welfare of individuals in a community set up, the challenges that communities face, the opportunities, as well as the assets that communities possess. It will also seek to identify the problems communities face and resolutions that can be used to solve them.
Individuals responsible for ensuring that the community members and the community groups are well taken care of are referred to as community workers. They include; social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, family and couple therapists, mental health counselors, community organizers, and developers, among others (Hardina, 2000). These people should mobilize resources to ensure that the community members are healthy and are enjoying their stay in the community. Therefore, in order to function efficiently, they should be well versed with the assets and opportunities in the community. This is beneficial since some cases may call for referrals, and it may be discouraging if the community social worker does not know where to refer a community member for assistance. They should also be skilled in out-of-office strategies in order to operate as agents, advocates, and consultants of change. Additionally, health workers should be well equipped with knowledge and skills of how to effect change in the society (Hoggett, Miller, & Mayo, 2008).
Community workers should also be informed on the current social issues that affect the community members and the community as a whole. Having knowledge of the existing social issues will put them in a better place to share information with various groups and clients in the community. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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