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A and C; because not knowing and respecting other people and their culture can make someone to misjudge them and not help them effectively. The professional need to be trained to understand other and their cultures.
The issue regarding bartering has changed because looking…
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Download file to see previous pages Q4. Making ethical decision is tricky because knowing the rights step to follow to handle the matter is a challenge. I had a problem because I did not know the best way and process to follow in order to deal with the problem.
Q.23. answering this question for me is tricky because, the sexual relationship is between former client and the counselor knows some private things about the client. On the same note, it is now a former client so difficult to know how to handle.
The first issue is dealing with client who has different belief system as me. For example if I have a client who is atheist and does not belief in any religion that can be problem to me. But, in order to be professional, I will stick to the ethics and responsibility of the work and that will help me to remove any emotions and beliefs that I have when dealing with the client.
Another issue is that I am emotional and can feel sorry for client and share in their emotions. For example, I may be overwhelmed and feel like crying with the client. I will try to avoid this by observing the codes. On the same note, I will look for help from other colleagues to help me in tough times and tough decisions.
The third issue is when dealing with clients who do not have money to pay for the services. I know professional have to be paid to survive but sometimes the client does not have enough money so it is difficult to deal with such problem. However, I will try to loom for advice form supervisor and other colleagues so that I can deal with the problem in the best ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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